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TSA At The Movies: Theater Chain Looks To Bring Security Theater To The Movie Theater


Thanks to a string of theater-related tragedies, going to the theater is about to become as enjoyable as going to the airport.

Following two recent deadly incidents at movie theatres in the US, the Regal Entertainment Group – the nation’s largest movie theater chain – this week added a bag and purse check policy as a security measure in some of the 569 theaters it operates.

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Sudden Onset Amnesia (SOA) Survivor Will Testify To Congress Today

Blumenthal testified,

“I do not know.” 

“I do not recall that.”  “

I am not sure who that person is.” 

“What was the question again?”  … 98 more words

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The Democrat Response To The TSA Report On Their Uselessness

We need to also ban plastic guns!

It’s amazing how consistently the failures of government control are given as a reason for more government control.


Safety First

Oh, come on. Really?

Perhaps you heard that a chunk of the Patriot Act has expired. In particular, the various three letter acronyms can no longer collect massive databases of information about who’s calling who, where everyone is when they call, and how long they talk. 353 more words


TSA Flunks 96 Percent of Undercover Security Tests

An internal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) undercover investigation has revealed that the agency’s airport checkpoints are almost complete failures when it comes to preventing explosives and weapons from being taken onto airplanes, reported… 290 more words


Leaving the Church of Environmentalism

That is why the predictions made by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and all the others based on computer models are, by definition, worthless.

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