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Granny Got Guts

An elderly Texas woman spent an afternoon in jail after allegedly assaulting a TSA agent. Police say the unnamed woman got irate when the agent said a bottle of shampoo was… 68 more words

Airport Security

Verification in AUR Land Is Security Theater

Makepkg says to verify the key 449190F3235ABD3B. I decide today is the day I stop relying on –skippgpcheck. Wonderful.

From $HOME/.makepkg.conf, I set $GNUPGHOME to a freshly created gpg directory (as there are different kinds of “trust” in the world, and mixing personal keys with makepkg keys confuses two, separate kinds). 450 more words


Even more security theatre

I happened to visit a consulate to do some routine paperwork. Here’s the security process I encountered:

  1. Get identity checked from passport, details entered (laboriously) into online system.
  2. 118 more words

Airport (In)Security

I guess it says something about my level of either naivety or stupidity that I continue to be amazed by the farce that is propagated on the people of this nation called airport security. 587 more words

Random Thoughts

Security theatre lives

Sydney tests its emergency notification system in the downtown core at the same time of day every time. So if a person wanted to cause an incident, guess what time they would choose? 45 more words

DSISD Commons #6

On #DSISDChat, assessment, Twitter in education, IT acquisition, building creative culture, The Open Schoolhouse, Hacking Homework, social media flow, feedback loops,  Leader in Me, CHAMPS, education tech culture, inadvertent cruelty, school UX, threshold flow, welcoming contributors, private Facebook groups, inclusive participation, and corporate diversity and inclusion. 2,725 more words



The best podcast that I listen to (read: the only podcast that I listen to) is Another Round by BuzzFeed, hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. 2,230 more words