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The Turks are no longer reliable allies (con'd) XX

Update: Armenian genocide was also a jihad

Turkey reacted angrily, recalling its ambassador to the Vatican and accusing Francis of distorting history and spreading prejudice.

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TSA Reminder: This is all to prevent terrorism.... or something

A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers.

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China’s Three Missile Submarines a ‘Concern’ (NOT)

Blah, blah, blah.

The Chinese Navy has deployed three ballistic missile submarines at sea capable of striking the United States with nuclear missiles, the commander of the U.S.

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M. Walsh: Time to Rein in the Cops

How? Simple. Give the police near-total immunity for their behavior as “public servants,” instruct them to bring in money by just about any means necessary, rely on the conservatives to support almost any excess, enjoy the blessing of the state and federal courts, and provide them with enough weapons — not just guns, but tasers, nightsticks, huge flashlights, etc.

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The SoS Email Security Breech and Putin's Actions in Ukraine

Update: Top Spy: Hillary’s Emails ‘Likely’ Hacked by China, Russia, Iran

“As a military officer, if I said I was doing something for convenience’s sake to the soldiers that I was leading and it was solely for my convenience instead of their, you know, their welfare, I should be relieved of duty.

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FBI says search warrants not needed to use “stingrays” in public

Update: NYCLU releases details of EC Sheriff’s cell phone spying

The NYCLU says documents show the sheriff’s office has a confidentiality agreement with the FBI that allows it to maintain almost total secrecy over the records for this device, including that the FBI can request the sheriff’s office dismiss criminal prosecutions rather than risk compromising the secrecy of how the Stingray is used.]

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Vlad Offers 'Brad Thor' Economic Plan to Greece

Russia could offer debt-ridden Greece controversial loans and discounts on supplies of natural gas in exchange for the country’s “assets”, according to reports in Moscow.

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