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Is your child a victim of identity theft?

The Equifax breach was well over half a year ago now, but I’ve had a nagging worry all the while since then: Was my child’s data affected in that breach, and how could I possibly find out for sure? 1,021 more words


US and UK condemn Russia for NotPetya worm attack

When it comes to pointing the finger for last year’s historically-disruptive NotPetya cyberattack, nobody could accuse the US and UK of dodging the issue. 380 more words

Security Threats

You have five months to switch your website to HTTPS

As far as Google is concerned, unencrypted HTTP web connections should be nearing the end of the road.

In 2014 at the I/O conference, it declared “HTTPS everywhere” as a security priority for all web traffic, followed in 2015 by the decision to… 352 more words


Reddit users, beware its evil twin

Unbeknownst to Reddit users, the site that likes to call itself the “front page of the internet” has acquired an unwanted evil twin they’d do well to avoid. 514 more words


Alleged Kelihos botmaster and spam king extradited to US

Peter Yuryevich Levashov – a 37-year-old Russian computer programmer, accused by the FBI of developing the Kelihos botnet and using it to stuff inboxes with Viagra and Cialis spam; … 613 more words


Keeping kids safe online - trying to practice what I preach

Being a blogger in the world of cybersecurity, I’ve rather firmly established myself in the eyes of my friends and family as the person to go to with questions about an app they heard about on the news, or what to do about some new hack or big security bug, and how to keep their information safe. 1,295 more words


What online sex toys can teach you about secure coding

Security researchers have found multiple vulnerabilities in Vibratissimo’s “Panty Buster”, an internet-enabled sex toy.

Let’s skip over the jokes about Internet of Things (IoT) devices failing penetration tests and get right to the fact that, like its brethren IoT security flubs, this one is full of elementary errors that you’re just not supposed to make any more. 628 more words