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Delta Airlines flaw lets others access your boarding pass

Have you travelled on planes in recent years?

If so, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of security seriousness at airports.

One of the strictest, and perhaps the most peculiar, exchanges I’ve overheard went something like this: 836 more words


What is the Government Hiding?

There is a house in Raleigh, North Carolina that looks perfectly normal at first glance. A closer look reveals there is no driveway, no mailbox, and the lights are never on. 35 more words


Monkeys with MUTANT BANANAS on the loose in nuclear research server farm

Do you let strangers wander round your server room?

Do you let them take detailed photographs as they go?

Do you let them publish those photographs afterwards, even for their own commercial benefit? 441 more words


I.T. and the Media

The media has long been the source of both outlandish and eventually implemented pieces of technology or technological development. We watch films and are often amazed at the level of technology present in them. 435 more words

Secuirty through Obscurity

Security through obscurity is an attempt to use secrecy of design or implementation to provide security. A system relying on security through obscurity may have theoretical or actual security vulnerabilities, but its owners or designers believe that if the flaws are not known, then attackers will be unlikely to find them. 300 more words

Information Security

Passwords Suck

On Wednesday, GitHub improved their code search. A few hours later, a couple of people had tried “begin rsa private key” and got more results than any sane person would anticipate. 173 more words