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Private Security

Private security is a niche sector of the professional investigation industry concerned with providing for the safely and wellbeing of the public and organizational staffers.  The security business continues to grow year by year and now represents one of the best career fields worldwide.  The…

How DVD Crypto Keys Work

Here are a couple of short videos that describe the basic cryptographic mechanisms used in DVDs. These don’t quite fit into my Cryptosmith series, at least, not right now. 12 more words


Symmetric key VS PKI in mobile networks

Authentication in mobile networks is executed leveraging a symmetric key system. For each mobile subscriber, there is a secret key that is known only by the mobile device and the network operator. 425 more words


How big a threat are drones on Inauguration Day?

We googled Drones and Inauguration. Sure enough we found this article.

The security detail protecting politicians and onlookers at Donald Trump’s inauguration have a new threat to consider this year: drones. 124 more words


Don't Be Afraid To Fail. Be Afraid Not To Try!

Aspirations for 2017 and beyond. Go after your dreams. Trust yourself. Risk more than is necessary. Feal the fear and do it anyway. Push your boundaries. 17 more words


Cybersecurity is a Team Sport.

“There are only two kinds of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be hacked. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be hacked again.”   … 6 more words


What's in a password?

So, why would we need to learn about password cracking techniques and the very cool tools used to do so? Password cracking plays a major role in cybersecurity. 12 more words