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Are In-House Translators Worth It?

In-house vs. Freelance 

Is it more beneficial to hire an in-house translator or a freelancer? I think that, in the past, freelancers had the edge over in-house, based on cost and quality. 536 more words


Private Militias

This is a work in progress…

Sancia has its own mandated militia that every citizen must join upon adulthood, as a means of helping ensure national defense and support in times of trouble, as needed by the command of the Commonwealth. 270 more words


SSL Mutual Authentication with WSO2 ESB

SSL Mutual authentication is a widely used authentication mechanism in B2B communication. This blog looks at the concept of SSL mutual authentication and how WSO2 ESB can support SSL Mutual authentication. 641 more words


Five of the worst things to have happened as a result of cyber attacks

Hackers can damage infrastructure as well as people’s lives.  Read on for a list of some of the worst and, in some cases, saddest outcomes of cyber crime.  more…


CISSP–Certified Information System Security Professional (10 Common Body of Knowledge)

CBK 1 – Access Control

Centralized Access Control
Models & Techniques

CBK 2 – Telecommunications & Network Security

7 OSI Layers

79 more words

Kali Linux - my preferred toolbox

Back in the old days if you were interesting in penetration testing you had to scour obscure resources (BBS, IRC, you name it) to assemble your own toolbox. 757 more words


The Rightness of Rain.

Have you ever stood in the rain? Yelled into the belly of the wind as it howls around you, whipping your hair about your face? 459 more words