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Maxwell Hoover: Final day

Maxwell Hoover clocked in for his final shift at the airport. Today was his last day, and he’d never been happier. He loathed his job inside the terminal. 475 more words

Snippet From A Work In Progress

Peace in Europe: a precious legacy demeaned

Jill Segger opened her article on Ekklesia’s website by recalling David Cameron’s suggestion that Brexit could put European peace at risk and Boris Johnson, ridiculing him with a reference to Germany crossing the border into France and continues: 654 more words

Civilised Policies

Microchipping Anyone???

Would you allow your children or yourself to be microchipped? I read an article some time ago that employers were surgically implanting these little chips, about the size of a grain of rice into every one of their employees. 229 more words


So let’s talk about security. I sure want to feel secure in my home, when I go to bed at night I want to feel relatively safe so I can get a goodnights sleep. 203 more words


FreeBSD EFI GELI Support

I have completed my work to add support for the GELI disk encryption system to the FreeBSD EFI boot loader.  This work started off intending to be a “simple” patch, but it became a much larger undertaking that ended up refactoring a significant portion of the EFI boot loader. 1,654 more words


Microsoft's Sneaky 10 Tactics Pushing Some Users to Turn Off Updates Entirely

Microsoft’s boneheaded handling of its Windows 10 updates is pushing people into bad security decisions. “Ironically, improved security is one of Windows 10’s selling points. 39 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Travel Security for less than $10.00 | Luxurious Nomad

Travel security and peace of mind is something close to the heart of many a traveller, but how do you achieve it without spending a fortune?