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Gun Control Laws Will Not Stop This Type of Terrorism

“According to the indictment of Shannon Miles, the motive for the alleged killing of a Harris County deputy was for the deputy’s service as a member of law enforcement. 31 more words


Obama's Visit--The Sheer Hypocrisy of it all

November 25, 2015

Obama’s Visit–The Sheer Hypocrisy of it all

by Azmi Sharom


Issues of good governance, democracy and human rights will always be low on the agenda of any country when dealing in foreign affairs. 778 more words


This $10 device can predict your next credit card number

MagSpoof is an ATtiny85 based device that can emulate any magnetic stripe or credit card, wirelessly.

After recently losing his credit card, it wasn’t long before American Express sent Samy Kamkar a replacement. 557 more words

Maker Movement

Hackable holiday gifts: Information and tips to keep your high-tech gear secure

DENVER — The Grinch won’t have to physically come into your home to steal your high-tech toys this year. He will practically be able to do it from the comfort of his cold, damp cave. 193 more words


Benefits from Social Security Reduced for Future Retirees

Those already collecting Social Security have been able to benefit from two juicy benefits as we describe in our guide “Maximizing Social Security.”  But future retirees depending on benefits from Social Security will lose two very profitable o… 6 more words

What makes a prison secure?

Summarizing an article from the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), here’s a list of what makes a prison secure:

  • The physical design of the prison AND the skill of an officer both play a major role in keeping things running smoothly inside and outside the perimeters.
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Police Chiefs and Prosecutors Call on Lawmakers to Address 'Critical Threat' of Encryption

New voices within the law enforcement community called on legislators to address what they describe as the “critical threat” that encrypted private communications pose to public safety. 295 more words