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Why you should turn off BlueTooth on your smartphone when not in use:

Minimizing your Bluetooth usage minimizes your exposure to very real vulnerabilities. That includes an attack called BlueBorne, announced this week by the security firm Armis, which would allow any affected device with Bluetooth turned on to be attacked through a series of vulnerabilities.

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A longitudinal, end-to-end view of the DNSSEC ecosystem

A longitudinal, end-to-end view of the DNSSEC ecosystem Chung et al., USENIX Security 2017

DNS, the Domain Name System, provides a vital function on the Internet, mapping names to values. 1,377 more words

Tube Station Fire Bombings in London

The Parson’s Green London Tube Firebomb Attack was attempted by young extremists in the name of Isis. The device was crude, utilising a builders bucket, a bag and a detonation device. 1,998 more words

Blood Service escapes penalties in data breach investigation

Contractor given harsher rebuke.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and its website contractor have escaped penalties from the country’s privacy watchdog over a 2016 data breach that exposed the data of 550,000 donors. 205 more words


GST Tip - 338

If the concerned officer is satisfied with the information furnished for payment of taxes on provisional basis, the officer shall issue order in FORM GST ASMT-04 after the taxable person executes a bond in such form as may be prescribed, and with such surety or security as the proper officer may deem fit, binding the taxable person for payment of the difference between the amount of tax as may be finally assessed and the amount of tax provisionally assessed.

CMA Bhogavalli Mallikarjuna Gupta

Security though a Simple Django Tweak

Leaving the least amount of information relating to an application’s environment can help prevent data breaches and their headaches.

There are plenty of ways attackers try to gain access to sensitive information for websites.

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