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February 2015: Beyond the Browser

This month’s release covers a pretty wide range – buckle up!


  • Was it needed? Is it incredible? Yes. We put RetireUp’s servers and data centers through a massive security upgrade.
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Lightbeam on Web Privacy

If you log on to the web after you wake up, check your e-mails and check your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you’ve only interacted with your e-mail provider, Facebook and Twitter, right? 445 more words


AWS Security Whitepaper - Account Security Features Summary

AWS Account Security Features

To keep customer’s AWS account safe, various features like separate IAM accounts, HTTPS endpoints, user activity logging/monitoring etc are provided.

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IoTのセキュリティ脆弱性が、政府による監視活動の役に立つ? [ #cbajp ]

Internet of Things(IoT)のセキュリティ脆弱性はずいぶん前から指摘されているが、これが政府によるサーベイランス(監視活動)の役に立つというレポートが、ハーバード大学から発表された。このレポートは、同大学の有名な「Berkman Center for Internet&Society」が先ごろ出したものだ。同センターは、ハーバード大学ロースクール(法科大学院)の中にあり、インターネットやテクノロジーによる新しい社会や法体制の在り方を考えてきた組織だ。



Monologue 5: Just a Push

I need a push. For nothing in particular, but for life in general. Hence, this post.

Even though I have accepted my depression for years, it still sounds awkward and like an excuse when I say it out loud. 530 more words