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Meltdown & Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in all modern processors that allows a rogue process to read any physical, kernel or other process’s mapped memory, regardless of whether or not it should be able to do so. 66 more words


Crypto ruble should arrive in mid-2019

Launch of state controlled cryptocurrency crypto ruble has now been announced for next year.

As can be seen from a statement by Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association, crypto ruble is expected to come next year.  240 more words

Crypto Currency

Brazil: Building with BuildCoin

The most populous Brazilian state of São Paulo wants to improve its infrastructure. The engineers who hire them want to pay with their own cryptocurrency, the BuildCoin. 265 more words

Crypto Currency

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018 - Is Your Organization Protected?

The cybersecurity industry is on the rise and for a very good reason. What terrifying cyber threat will menace us in 2018? There are countless lists, produced by information security bloggers and cybersecurity consulting firms, that attempt to answer that question with varying density of buzzwords. 908 more words

Bell-Boeing receives $35 million contract to upgrade V-22 Ospreys

Bell-Boeing receives $35 million contract to upgrade V-22 Ospreys: “Hardware and software upgrades for the V-22 Osprey aircraft are included in a $34.9 million contract awarded to Bell-Boeing JPO, the Defense Department has announced. 37 more words

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How Secure is the Windows Firewall?

Since Service Pack 2 of XP, each new version of Windows already has a firewall on board. But what is the Microsoft Firewall suited for? Windows XP Microsoft felt compelled to do something about the security of their operating system only after the Blaster 2003 worm massacred Windows computer.

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Hardware wallets

Why do you need a hardware wallet ?

Because whoever hacks your cryptos uses one :-)