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Some words of wisdom from PublicEye.org

If you feel you are being surveilled, your phones tapped, or that you are being followed, the best overall advice is to trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, trust the feeling.

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Fighting Back

Blinded by the light!

Weapon lights. Which one and why.

We get asked constantly. Which weapon light is the right one for me? Well, that depends on you and your needs more than anything. 958 more words


Why I don't pay too much attention to travel warnings by the embassies

and what I do instead for my safety

A while ago, the UK embassy to Kenya issued an advice for their country people to avoid certain places along the Kenyan coast and in Nairobi… 437 more words


Happy Independence Day!

From all of us at the Rock River Patriots, we wish everyone a happy Independence Day!

Today is an important day to reflect on Freedom and what it means to each and every one of us.  1,931 more words

Other Patriot Posts

9 ways I detect creepy online men/women.

These are ways I find creepy stalkers :P You don’t have to agree with me :o

  1. They try VERY hard to personally contact you, via chat-room, message boards, etc.
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Personal Development

Enterprise Architecture - Common Mistakes by Beginners

Thank you to everyone in the “TOGAF for Architecture” group who contributed to this article.
This article concentrates on common mistakes made by Enterprise Architecture beginners and advice on how to be a better EA, and have a better Enterprise Architecture practice. 1,998 more words

Terror on the 4th? Be not afraid.

If I die in a terrorist attack in DC today, I hope that there is no knee-jerk reaction to reduce our liberty or otherwise become fearful. 190 more words