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Tech Giants are ‘Consciously Failing’ on Terrorism, Says Parliament

Parliament has spoken out against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for “consciously failing” to remove terrorist recruitment content, despite the fact all three companies have denied any lax attitude to such content. 63 more words


Buz of middleman 'most flourishing': Book

The business of middleman is the “most flourishing” and recession-proof industry in India, says a new book.

Drawing on the needs of a nondescript village in Bihar which needs a road and hospital, the book talks about how middlemen help big businesses subvert the system and get their jobs done. 318 more words


How to Get Your Kids and Devices Ready to Go Back to School

When it comes to technology, students are more connected than ever. But there also seems to be a serious disconnect between what kids and parents think about teens online activity. 672 more words


如何不分享WhatsApp的個人資料予臉書(How to unshare personal information from WhatsApp to Facebook)


Step 1: 進入WhatsApp時會彈出以下畫面問你同不同意他們訂立的用戶私穩條款(你不同意就不能用),按下「向上箭頭」標示

Step 2: 關閉「分享個人資料」給臉書(於紅箭頭指向位置的按鈕,按住向左拉)

Step 3: 關掉後會彈出黑色格,格內文字提示你,你於WhatsApp的個人資料將不會用作臉書的某些商業用途包括廣告宣傳。你只需按「Agree」進入使用版面

如果你一開始就按「Agree」,你可以在WhatsApp內的「Settings」(進入WhatsApp後最底的bottom bar,按最右邊那個「Settings」),按入Account然後剔除「Share my account info」。如果你像我一開始於同意前剔除分享個人資料,便不會在Settings看到這一欄(可參考:Here’s How to Prevent WhatsApp from Giving Facebook Your Phone Number. 6 more words


So this just happened. EU orders the recovery of €13BILLION of Apple taxes

This is about to be the most overused meme on the Interweb

After a big ole investigation, in which the European Union threatened to claim back from Apple their ‘owed’ taxes to the tune of billions, they went ahead and did it. 382 more words



Many a times if not often,we hear about people Facebook being hacked.Sometimes we began to ask ourselves how to protect our account from this.
If this is your case,worry no more for you’ve come to the right place. 416 more words


The Blockchain in our Future

You may have seen articles that predict that the blockchain will be a major software tool in the very near future. Or you may have seen that blockchains are at the heart today of cryptocurrency like Bitcoins. 815 more words