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Hola VPN

  • “Be aware that Hola will use you as a exit node or as an intermediate node if you’re not paying for premium. If somebody does something malicious and you’re the exit node then you may be liable for it depending on your country of residence.
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Password Management

Manage all your password with this tools !
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  • Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one.
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Access Layer Security (Part 2) - IEEE 802.1X

IEEE 802.1X

Networks secured using 802.1X require the client to undertake an EAP-based authentication method before network access is granted.  In these scenarios there are several attack vectors; 690 more words


NTFS Permissions

NTFS Permissions Tools

  • Proceed with caution, I changed entire system drives permission on Windows 10 and It Turned out to be nightmare, Most WindowsApps such as calendar etc can’t be opened, Corrupt Recycle Bin, Corrupt Taskbar and Start Menu, Unable to delete files error due to permission

Network Monitoring

Who’s On My Wifi

  • Free users Only can view, to block wifi need premium account