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Cyberspace and International Security - Discussion 4

Quick note about this week’s discussion. We were asked to comment on an article written last week by the New York Times’ David Sanger entitled, … 835 more words


The Plot to Free North Korea With Reruns of ‘Friends’

On a cloudy, moonless night somewhere in northeastern China, three men creep through a stand of Japanese Clethra trees. They carry no flashlights, and the sky is so dark that they hear the sound of the rushing Tumen River before they see it: They’ve arrived at the North Korean border. 49 more words


Feds Admit Stingrays Can Disrupt Cell Service of Bystanders

For years the government has kept mum about its use of a powerful phone surveillance technology known as a stingray. The Justice Department and local law enforcement agencies insist that the only reason for their secrecy is to prevent suspects from learning how the devices work and devising methods to thwart them. 45 more words


Hypothetical Policy Paper (Referendum in West Papua)

The following is a hypothetical Policy Paper written for the Australian Government about a hypothetical scenario involving a West Papuan bid for independence. This piece was written for a class titled ‘Practical Applications of Asia-Pacific Security’. 951 more words


Broadband Service on Airplanes

1.) Reliability, scalability, and security will all be important for offering in-flight Internet connectivity. Having the system being reliable allows customers to have consistent access to Wi-Fi in this circumstance. 436 more words


Commentary on Federalist #2

Commentary on Federalist #2

The second essay of The Federalist is one of the few composed by John Jay. After reading it I kind wished that John Jay had composed a few more of the essays than he had the opportunity to. 4,735 more words


Upgrade your password security for Amazon now

Earlier this week my wife had the unfortunate experience of having her Amazon account totally hijacked.  The hijacker was able to take complete control of her account and lock her out. 750 more words