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Powerpoint vulnerabilities

Well, looks like good ole Powerpoint has a new exploit. For all you tech types who are rolling your eyes you should look on this as an opportunity. 50 more words


Own your own domain name? You ought to see this.

Lots of folks who own and run their own internet domains don’t pay enough attention to site security. Just ran across a guy who is doing validation… 26 more words


Oh you're insecure? So's email

Talk to healthcare providers all the time who have no clue about some of the tools they are using and how they compromise consumer/patient privacy and security. 17 more words


Nasty Day for Healthcare IT

It wasn’t a good day for Healthcare IT.

First an article… Tech Pros not doing enough security work.

Then a couple of data breach articles. BTW, I can remember thinking when I was actually managing a system, “I’m sure glad I work in Healthcare. 46 more words