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What is Oral Sedation?

Dentistry and Dental Implants. Did you wonder how you can get rid of your dental anxiety? You can read this blog post to learn about oral sedation. 23 more words

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties.

Wisdom teeth that only partially erupt allow for an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause an infection, which results in pain, swelling and jaw stiffness. 267 more words

What You Need to Know About IV Sedation

Are you considering expanding your sedation armamentarium to include….read more


9. Next-generation Crowd Control: “Calmative Agents” Will Put Entire Protests Under Sedation

A few years ago the U.S. Army tested a very different type of ordnance—a “non-lethal personal suppression projectile” called the XM1063—that rains a chemical agent over people in a 2 acre area. 526 more words


Sedation Dentist in Greenville, SC Can Help You Overcome Dental Fear

Imagine going through a dental treatment feeling relaxed the whole time, with no fear or anxiety whatsoever. That’s what sedation dentistry can do for you. Sedation dentistry performed by a qualified Greenville oral surgery practitioner makes it possible for patients to be totally relaxed throughout their dental treatment, as if they were asleep. 70 more words

Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte, NC Helps People Get Over Dental Fear

Imagine going through a dental treatment feeling relaxed the whole time without experiencing any type of fear or anxiety. That’s what sedation dentistry in Charlotte, NC can do for you. 89 more words

A Dentist in Millville, NJ Can Use Sedation Dentistry to Calm Patients

Colgate estimates that between 9% and 15% of the American population is afraid of seeing the dentist due to dental anxiety or phobia. This problem is not at all uncommon, and a local dentist has ways to help calm patients down. 99 more words