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ODG list

If easy airway and no risk of reflux:

IV access

nasal cannula with etCO2

left lateral with slight head up

Propofol TCI

PRN alfentanil

Job done! 9 more words


Do you drink fluoridated tap water?

72.4% of American households have fluoridated tap water.

This mineral helps prevent tooth decay.

Now we wait...

I need something to take my mind off of the hour long wait to see my man again.

Sitting in the waiting room now. What a horrible experience to watch little man be sedated. 83 more words


Time to Face the Music

Monday is Weigh Day and I’m not surprised to report that I’ve gained 2lbs.

If it were only the Roses incident, that would be fine.   246 more words

Eating With Integrity

Without sedatives

It’s been a while since I threw a pack of sedatives in my handbag. I am not entirely sure when I last had them prescribed, she used to just give them to me every time I came in, once a month, sometimes twice. 105 more words