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The Sedation After Lyrical Elation.

Closing up and shutting down,
letting go, and doesn’t it show.

Too dragged down with the intoxicating effects of,
lyrical 24/7 mass producing madness.
To consider the time and my increasing lack of, 43 more words

Rakel Leah Mogg

The Great Sedate Debate... Drugging your kids on a flight: which side of the line do you fall?

Today I woke up to a burning question in my inbox. I scanned over the question silently hoping they wouldn’t ask me to weigh in on the debate. 260 more words

The Safety and Effectiveness of Droperidol for Sedation of Acute Behavioral Disturbance in the Emergency Department

Sedating the agitated pt,1400 cases,6EDs in Oz,IM droperidol efficacious and safe, The DORM II study is here http://t.co/T4NOsbnRgM #FOAMed

— Michael Downes (@ToxTalks) April 15, 2015


Adoption = Brain Scan, No Cats Part 3

We’re at the hospital for our girl’s MRI today. ¬†Hopefully we’ll get some answers about her fluctuating cognitive performance and her tremors.

Prayers appreciated…they decided to sedate her, and that’s a little nerve-wracking. 31 more words


Episode 5: Part 2 of the Pharm Series... The MSMAID Acronym From Anesthesia Adapted to Prolonged Field Care

Justin and Brad continue the discussion of pharmacology started last episode by talking about the MSMAID Acronym/Mnemonic and how it applies to the way SOF Medics should be practicing medicine in austere conditions. 787 more words


Twilight Zone

This morning I came in for my esophagogastroduodenoscopy and was given a twilight sedation. I remember laughing with the four doctors in my room…and then before I knew it, the anesthesia was administered through an IV and I passed out smiling. 98 more words