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The association of sleep quality, delirium, and sedation status with daily participation in physical therapy in the ICU

Kamdar, B.B. et al. Critical Care. Published online: 18 August 2016

Background: Poor sleep is common in the ICU setting and may represent a modifiable risk factor for patient participation in ICU-based physical therapy (PT) interventions.

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08 (August 2016)

Dexmedetomidine as an adjunct for sedation in patients with traumatic brain injury

BACKGROUND: In patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), optimizing sedation is challenging because maintaining a clinical examination is important in being able to detect neurological deterioration. 240 more words


CD13 - Egg Collection (31.07.16)

Bags packed, showered, dressed and last fluids consumed. We set off at 8:45am, stopping en route for diesel, and arrived into London in good time. One double espresso (my fiancée) and one wee (me) later we approached the clinic full of nervous excitement. 380 more words


Hello. Long time no post. Like a highway out west. How’s your summer going? Mine’s fine. On WordPress here on the admin page is an area delineated as Quick Draft that I prefer to type my posts on. 200 more words

Sedation Dentistry To Help You Relax

Here at Sensational Smiles, we understand patients may avoid visiting the dentist due to a fear of pain. Avoiding the dentist often results in poor dental health and the development of complex dental problems. 12 more words

Always Tired, No Energy and Brain Fog? Here's Why...

Always Tired, No Energy and Brain Fog? Here’s Why…

Do you feel tired and sleepy during the day for no reason whatsoever? Then keep reading because you may have one of these 8 conditions and this article could change your life for the better.

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Fatal Extraction 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ok, first up, this post has a Trigger Warning for sexual assault and dentistry.

Yesterday I wrote the first part to this blog and sure, we all had some laughs as I repeatedly made puns about teeth. 705 more words