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A touch of le Tour in Seddon

The fabric patch – number 67 – paper thin and cracked with age, is disarmingly fragile for a souvenir of the world’s toughest bicycle race. 581 more words


Sloth @ Seddon Deadly Sins, Seddon

Sins has been a long-standing Seddon favourite of ours for weekend coffee (I’m told by my other half it’s the best coffee in Seddon), a decandent brunch, or a sneaky late afternoon glass of wine in the vine-covered courtyard.   707 more words


Breakfast at 'est.1906'

We drove past 1906 a few times and always thought we wanted to try it one day – today is the day. And it was great. 200 more words


Back for More: Spanish Winter Vegetable Stew @ Lola, Seddon

After having a delicious snapper for dinner at Lola a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to try out their breakfast and lunch menus. Whilst at night-time Lola has a sultry-vibe, during the day with the front of the restaurant all open, it is bright, fresh and vibrant. 400 more words


Casey Diver - Colin Craig: A lesson in the politics of infallibility

Before you sharpen your pitchforks hear me out. Colin Craig has demonstrated the latest in a long trend of socio-political judgement that is a cause for concern. 729 more words


Portuguese Whole Baked Snapper @ Lola, Seddon

For the past few weeks, the sounds of hammering and paint fumes have been seeping upstairs to my yoga classes at the Australian Yoga Academy… 458 more words


Avocado on Toast & Roast Veggie Toastie @ Rhubarb, Seddon

Rhubarb quietly opened in Seddon at the beginning of this year in the space that used to be a Vietnamese snooker-hall.  The hall has been gentrified into a industrial style cafe with a twist of 1970s grandma kitsch.   442 more words