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Seddon Deadly Sins: An interview with Simon

I previously posted a review on Seddon Deadly Sins. However, I thought that it would add greater depth and perspective to know more about each eatery than just how the food, drinks and service was.  470 more words


Seddon Deadly Sins

Location: 148 Victoria Street, Seddon
Phone number: 9689 3092
Opening hours: 8AM-5PM, everyday

Seddon Deadly Sins is a quirky little café on the corner. It is a little unremarkable on the outside but once you walk in, your senses will be sent into overdrive. 456 more words


Breakfast Obsession Western Suburbs 

Breakfast Obsession Western Suburbs is a young couple who love going out for breakfast!

Our Aim is to give tourists, new locals or just someone passing by an insight into where and what we think are the best eateries of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. 174 more words


Inside Est.1906 + menu

Est.1906, 81 Charles Street, Seddon. Phone: 9689 1906

When I visit Seddon’s swish new cafe, I’ve already lunched elsewhere.

But I enjoy a good cafe latte and a wonderful, very intense chocolate brownie. 200 more words


Common Galaxia

Location: Shop 3-4, 130 Victoria Street, Seddon  Vic  3011 Common Galaxia
Photo taken with: Iphone 6
Date visited: 26 April 2015

Cold Sunday afternoon, we thought why not try something different for a change and locally. 161 more words


Take a walk on the ‘art side’ with Chantal Wynter at Westside Discovery Tours

Fabulous guided art walks, arts events and creative collaborations are part of the thriving arts scene here in the City of Maribyrnong. Have you ever wondered who makes them happen? 813 more words

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Market Hit and Miss.

As quick as I got back into the markets for 2015, I am taking a break from them. By this time last year I had done at least ten. 832 more words

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