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Poetry Corner: Rock cairn haiku

Little stack of stones

Footsteps in the wilderness

I was here as well

(c)2017 Michelle M. Welch


Happy National Photography Day!

Well, what do you know; it’s national photography day! Go out and make some great, or not so great, images today. :)


Image copyrighted. No use without licensing from Martha Lochert.

Color Photography

The man from Sedona

“How on earth did I find this man?” I wondered. Looking back to the genesis of this magical journey to Sedona, I was suddenly struck by the unfathomable ways in which circumstances came together. 1,426 more words


Poetry Corner: Neighbors

One of us is prickly
and will always live close to the ground
One of us is small now
but will someday be tall, spreading shade… 9 more words