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Rewind: Sedona

Everyone should have a place where they feel at peace. A place where they can go and feel like their soul is restored. For me that place is Sedona. 325 more words


What's Your Favorite Moment in Art?

What’s Your Favorite Moment in Art?

For me it’s got to be all the color and whimsical unconventionality of the Fauvist Movement.

Trudy Goes In Search Of Happiness

Trudy can’t say for sure when she became unhappy with her life, but she knows exactly when she realized she was: on November 10, 2013. 494 more words

The Overreach of the Federal Government Through the BLM

It seems there is  a continuous conflict between the Bureau of Land Management and private citizens.

In the western United States, the BLM owns over sixty percent of the land, and  over ninety percent of… 627 more words


Red Rock Crevices

Red Rock Crevices

Ten Hours longer

Chill to the air

Fluff all around

To gaze

Across crevices

And peer to the other side~

Wonder in the placements… 61 more words


Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature's Triumph Despite the Odds

This week, I’m jumping into Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge with a shot taken on a hiking trip last year in the Sonoran Desert.

As we were hiking on a trail in Sedona, I was struck by this vibrant little flower bursting into bloom in the harsh desert environment.   121 more words


A Weekend in Sedona

Last weekend the East Coast was pummeled by a massive blizzard that dumped more than 2 feet of snow on our suburban Philadelphia neighborhood. If Matt and I had been home, we would have slow-cooked a stew, played with Piper in the snow, and stayed on top of shoveling our driveway. 1,841 more words