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Sitting all by my self,
in a corner of this pretty spacious room,
Lights gone out,
With cigarette in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other, 308 more words


PUA novel :: ‘Nothing influences the child more than the unlived life of the parent’ (6)

Early spring. John and Z go to the reception of the new Dutch ambassador in Bratislava. Abroad the Flemish seem to blend rather easily with the Dutch. 1,313 more words


PUA novel :: ‘When a man has sex with a woman he takes revenge for everything that defeats him in life’ (Philip Roth) (5)

Imagine you are in a different country, an expat. Let’s say you’ve left a land of plenty and have moved to a land of hard knocks. 283 more words


An Inspiration for a Source of Patience

Prophet Yusuf, peace be upon him, had many reasons to commit adultery, yet he didn’t.

For example:

  1. He was a young man. Youth is a strong cause for adultery.
  2. 137 more words


I watch you bathe

Scented smoke, fills our room

Heady, intoxicating seducer

Jasmine oil heats slowly, over patient flame

Candle lights, entice as they dance… 34 more words


Eaten to Death at Lifes Kangaroo Court

it’s always slow amensalism

head and tail spinning

as a diversion

or easy and tempting

chimerical in its divulging compote of hedonism

courted by terror and mind games flung… 34 more words

Cultural Cruelity



If you by some chance wish to seduce someone


To entice all of their Sixx Senses

Find out their likes and dislikes… 26 more words