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The Only Fall/Winter Fragrance you need – CH Men Privé

I heard a lot of good about this fragrance, so I went ahead and blind bought it on the internet since there is no CH-Store in my proximity. 312 more words


Seducing each other

Lately Dwayne and I talk a lot about love, romance and seduction. After one year and half of a relationship on a distance it’s not always easy to show care, affection and passion. 656 more words

Без рубрики

“Give each character a goal. The speaker might be trying to impress the other person, or entertain her or seduce her or punish her. Whatever it is, the agenda — whether stated explicitly or not — will shape everything that’s said.”

~Steven James


Tease Me Tuesdays: Kiss It Better

If 2016 brought me one good thing…it was Rihanna’s Anti album. I’m still banging this shit like the day it dropped. This song makes me melty and buttery and all sorts of seductressy. #marrymeRi



You can read about Goddesses everywhere. A trendy hype? A new eso-wave? No. Because the so-called Goddesses have always symbolized different aspects of the female soul. 325 more words

Ingrid Auer

Seduce Your Husband

Conquer. Conquer and Seduce.

To conquer means: to successfully overcome a problem or weakness. A wife needs to conquer her fear of embarrassment and shyness so that she can seduce her husband. 272 more words