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Body language and seduction. Body language tips for PUA’s

Here are the essential ones:

Speak louder.

Speak deeper.

Don’t stutter.

Use fierce eye-contact.

Touch everyone.

Take up space.

Take your time when speaking.Use pauses. 19 more words


"Spirit Of Beersheba Sent Me To Seduce Catholic Priests In Amaruru, Imo" (VIDEO)

An alleged witch was recently captured after invading a St. Peters Catholic
church, Amaruru in Imo state.
The lady, who looked visibly troubled, was caught by priests after she… 41 more words


They Said It Wouldn’t Last

They said it wouldn’t last
That it was just the Honeymoon phase
But here I am, seducing you still
Flirting & groping until the end of our days


Seducingly Yours

I might have
just because you’ve said so
encouraged the truth
at the expense of my lies
you just might have told me
in any mouth filled with syllables… 230 more words


The Tramped Tootsies

Lost legend, of the mystic east
Yet throbs today, in history’s vein
“How Woman, Is Man’s, Splendid Feast”
And Beauty’s, Pious Price, Is Pain”!

The cost of, Confucian creed! 109 more words


Tant mieux

She stitches her lips with little white lies
Then tastes wet iron, as the silvered needles sway like windchimes
Beneath her noisome, tarnished words

Harboring an appetency for secrets and deceit… 201 more words



I flip my hair.

It’s for you to see.

Did I laugh too hard?

I guess, It was to trap you.

And that bright smile? 75 more words