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About these LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints...

I really had to find out for myself what it was about these LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints that made them so raved about. So I decided to get them and test them and as always, give you, my peeps (do people still say that) my honest, unbiased opinion. 488 more words


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Raise your sexual market value

What is the sexual market value? The value women see in you. Having a high social status, money, a strong body, intelligence, maturity, awesome clothing, charisma, humor, power/authority all increase your value as a man. 507 more words



Hey y’all! Check out this short snippet from my new novella SexRender. It’s gonna be a damn good read!

The songs slowed even more. We grew closer. 75 more words

Matter Fatual Dating Tips


misericordia, misericordia, misericordia
mercy,mercy,mercy, fallacious fellatio, on your knee’s to thee highest in heaven
the thunder of the thrush hidden in the scrub
hold on wait ,hear me… 60 more words