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perspire: inspire: seduce: finding a great project management tool to keep it all sorted

perspire: finding the needle in a haystack

I’m on day 17 of a 365 day creative forage to rebuild my life and if you want to know more then dance over… 457 more words



I tried to seduce
life gently…,

But life

fucked me in the ass!

Copyright Farzam Mikail Fardowsi


Coco: Elvis & Neoteny

It’s all in the hips and the lips

Part of the serendipity of this creative foraging over the next year is fine tuning how my conscious and unconscious communicate with each other. 350 more words


What happens at the end will simply blow your mind!

Since last two nights, he has been trying to reach my way. He takes me as a fool, but he doesn’t know I’ve been sparing myself from many creepy and hungry eyes for ages. 281 more words

Whats Hot?

Seduce: to entice and lead astray

Seduce yourself

It’s all about the senses.






Stop right now.

Use one of your senses and savor – enjoy it to the full. 251 more words


LIPS living

When life needs a recharge 

I’ve given myself a year.

A year to inspire myself.

A year to see what new pathways can be created for  my life. 359 more words