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the words, they mock me
the meaning, they haunt me;
each sound entices me from
the diphthong to lascivious
consonants whose steady,
mellow whispers seduce me… 15 more words


5 Ways Women Screw Up Their Seduction

Originally posted on: SGPheromones By Andy Lawson

We – or rather, the society – are so caught up with thinking of ways for men to learn a thing or two in the art of attraction, we have forgotten that in the course of it, we’ve also neglected women, who are just as confused as men in the world of seduction. 1,454 more words


GRAHAM BOWLEY and SYDNEY EMBER --- Bill Cosby, in Deposition, Said Drugs and Fame Helped Him Seduce Women

New York Times — He was not above seducing a young model by showing interest in her father’s cancer. He promised other women his mentorship and career advice before pushing them for sex acts. 105 more words


How to be a Bitch (Gay Version)

No matter what type of gay man you are, no matter what is your body shape, if you want to be a bitch in the gay social circle, then you must go to the gym for a workout; or else, although you might know how to become slutty but you would never find any rich and dying old man to give you his fortune. 762 more words


The Art of Seduction, it;s not about physical appearance or what you wear to attract a man (but you must care about your appearance and cleanliness). 41 more words