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Too Easy

They gawk from their ‘best seat’ positions.

Smashed up against each other in the front of the van like frozen peas.

She’s blonde.

It’s true. 142 more words

Monochrome, Madame?

Have had this dress for well over a decade and loved it from the first time I saw it.  But, would you believe, I only wore it for the first time today (just pulled the sale tags off this morning).   85 more words


How to Seduce Her if She is Married

How to Seduce Her if She is Married

Married men are more likely to cheat than married woman. However Kiev escorts have a lot of examples of women’s unfaithfulness, so they do this approximately as often as men, but keep this more secretly. 197 more words

Ten Advantages That Seduce Men

What advantages will enable you to seduce men? What means can you depend on to rob the heart of a playboy? Ten features will be discussed in this essay. 31 more words

[35] Sphallolalia

“So… do you want to have some fun?” she said seductively. She ran her hands through my arm. She leaned in close to my ear. “Let’s go to your place?” 12 more words




– সাম্যময় সেন গুপ্ত –

কোনো পুরুষ সাপের মতো

এঁকেবেঁকে চায়

কোনো পুরুষ বাঘের মতো

হালুম করে খায়

কোনো পুরুষ হ্যাংলা বেড়াল

চুপিচুপি খায়

কোনো পুরুষ লেজ নাড়ে

যদি কিছু পায়