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Why Women like to poke men at their weak points?

A woman often seems to test her man’s capacity to remain unperturbed in his truth and purpose. She tests him to feel his freedom and depth of love, to know that he is trustable. 364 more words


Chapter 6: A honeyed mouth hides a daggered heart - Part 2

Such preferences, choices and behaviours represent age-old instincts, and, as such, have not been installed in us accidentally. They are in effect the result of the human brain’s wiring, a process that started much earlier than our civilisation as we know it today. 927 more words

Gender Differences

Trails Of Emotions Burning Her Heart

Lost on the trail of emotions she leans down to touch the bright yellow roses. Admiring the glow each one would send with a scent of an aroma only a lover could handle. 335 more words


Women want men who are comfortable with themselves first

I remember once i said to a woman who i just met “You and me can have a great affair” as soon as said that she felt uncomfortable and distance herself from me. 526 more words


Chapter 6: A honeyed mouth hides a daggered heart

kǒu mì fù jiàn

Two of the previous chapters highlighted and elucidated the differences between human male and female sex drives. Given the profound discrepancies in natural states of arousal, triggers, fantasies, motivations, etc. 782 more words

Gender Differences

Women subconsciously don't want men to be easily impress by them

I will never forget this woman who put logic into what i could not express verbally? I simply asked after spending fabulous time with her, Why me? 310 more words