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Reflections: Seasons, Summer

All dressed up in a vibrant expression of life at its peak
Hotly passionate, her seduction is irresistible
An all-consuming expansion

Within the embrace of this woman… 202 more words


Heightened Sense

     At this point I’m still in the 145th Street Armory environment with members of my unit on State active duty in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center… 990 more words

Dream Journal


Between the scratching, and the blisters;
sex with many different misters-
I am irony herself, in a white dress,
lab-coat, and hearse.

And I’d swear to god, sunshine and booze- 18 more words


A Second Longer Pt 2! Poetry...

Close your eyes, now open them so you can see it coming-
No time to back out, no need for running-
Putting everything into play, maybe next time you’ll be careful of what you say- 72 more words

Seducing Holmes, 6

We hiked back through woods in twilight, laughing at ourselves for getting winded.  He told me about his family – his hard-working mother, successful older sister, and the estranged father he’d seen twice in his life.  106 more words


The Power of Women... The attack on Man

Air 2:. The Bonny gray-eyed morn, etc.

“FILCH: ‘Tis woman that seduces all mankind,

By her we first were taught the wheedling arts:

Her very eyes can cheat; when most she’s kind, … 540 more words

When You Censure The Age (10/19)