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Are you a man who uses wrong strategy with women?

When man is alone, he will be frustrated with failed romances. How to seduce special woman? This question will ask many guys, in hope to get lucky. 546 more words


What makes your blood run faster?

Did you ever wonder what’s keep relation alive? Is that harmony, laughter, habit? Or this is something else, what makes your blood run faster?

Now here is the story how conflicts might make relation interesting, painful but also challenging. 624 more words


For the Seductress that Comes Out Every Halloween

So, be fearless this Halloween, and make your entire aura a fright to be seen. Order your scent from Lucky Fragrance, and make Halloween more than just a mask. 11 more words

Satan Is Waiting For These 5 People!!

I just had to write this because it is something I witness on a daily basis and it annoys me so much. Most believers don’t realize that one day they will die and God will judge them. 387 more words

Spitual Journey.

What if your love is not enough?

Do you know legendary sentence “I love you , but love is not enough?” This is the point of every unhappy love story, starting from Romeo and Juliet until nowadays. 549 more words


Avoid The Flattering Tongue Of A Seductress

The seductress grabbed onto Joseph’s robe as he fled but he quickly pulled his arms from it and ran to save his integrity. 108 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion