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MUSE: Seth Meyers at BU

By Justin Soto, Lifestyle Editor

Boston University’s Programming Council is planning a weekend full of fun with their annual inter-school pageant, Mr. and Mrs. BU on Thursday March 21 and Seth Meyer’s comedy show on Friday March 22.  317 more words


Good Vibrations Trailer

LATER this month Good Vibrations will be released across cinemas in the UK and here at Banterflix we can’t recommend highly enough you go watch this movie, because it’s just brilliant. 256 more words


Attack the Block: Worth it, find it, see it

Following the summer trend of 1980’s throwbacks like Super 8 and Captain America, British sci-fi/comedy Attack the Block serves up a creature-feature that echoes back to movies like… 923 more words


Practice 3/27/11

Another great practice – we have the arrangement of “You Have / You Are” finalized.  Zakula and I are gonna workshop some new bass lines for variety this week, and other than some vocal work in the mid section – it’s done.  192 more words


Practice 3/20/11

Zakula was out on Sunday due to being incarcerated for a fatal Road Rage incident NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!

Sean, Jason and I finalized the arrangement on ‘You Have / You Are’, a track that had been giving us some amount of trouble, but well worth it. 213 more words


Practice 2/7/11

ANOTHER great practice.  A lot of hard work on everyone’s part – the vocals are the only thing left, though those probably won’t get ironed out until we record (more on this later).   245 more words


Practice 2/20/11

Practice was, despite Zakula’s absence due to pending interstate trafficking charges a headache, fantastic.  Becoming increasingly bored with my guitar part on ‘Conflict Palace’ I retooled it to be more textural with some delay and fast ‘black metal’ style tremolo picking for the verses and changed out the dunder-head power chording at the songs finale for a single note counter melody that fits into with the new endings ‘decay’. 534 more words