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“Immense beauty can be found in everything from the vastness of the sky to the wings of a tiny fly.  Most people just don’t see it.” 10 more words


"In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." ~Desiderius Erasmus 

Jesus challenges us to see. He sometimes framed that with “if you have eyes”. Even one eye is better than none.

Will we be the one-eyed man? 34 more words


not what you see

blindness comes in the sign

and its own feel

and how the walls

of life think

and talk

and where it matters

and how it has the ability… 45 more words


Don't Care

Don’t care what you think you see

I don’t care how you feel

Enough people love me

Knowing the truth – what’s real




It’s been long since we talked

Well, you’ve been doing a lot of talking

You’re just not talking to Me

I wish you would talk more often to Me… 276 more words

Day 42

First, I want to apologize to myself for not keeping up with my online challenge. I have been without internet initially and then without a computer. 39 more words