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To see the things of God

One does not have to believe to see the things of the earth; but to see the things of God, one has to believe.


A List of Lessons in Happiness

A list of lessons in happiness from the book Hector and The Search for Happiness. Or the movie which I watched and recommend!



“Even if no one else sees it for me, I must see it for myself”.

Short Post

Praying for Terrorists.


God has allowed us to pray for this kind of person, perhaps they are misguided to our way of thiking. The Apostle Paul was a former Jewish Zealot with his ownkind of ideology and he believed that he was doing the will of God. 51 more words

Bosu Book Street, Busan (Autumn 2014)

(Wow that’s a lot of B’s.)

When I decided that we would be going to Busan for this trip, one of the first places I really wanted to go to in Busan was the… 892 more words


Pierce Your Bubble

If we look at the sun too long, we are blinded. In the same way, we can easily become too caught up in our life, thoughts and feelings. 102 more words