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Progress of a Painting

Watching paint dry” is an English expression for a very boring experience – but when it’s watching time-lapse of a fine art painting, it’s rather more interesting.   48 more words


In the Eye of the Beholder

For this assignment, I decided to go with an advertisement that really stood out to me. The second you look at it, you’re studying it completely, seeing what it is that draws you in so quickly. 326 more words



​it scares me when i see him.

whether we pass by the streets or sit across at the local ice cream shop, it scares — no, terrifies me even, when his presence is known. 634 more words


Three ducks looking for Uncle Donald

Six Word Saturday.  For more six word inspirations, click here.

And playing around with the photo a bit – try finding Starry, Starry Lake:

On the Hook

A not-uncommon circumstance highlighting one of the less-graceful aspects of my freelance game:

I had an interview scheduled for 2, and that always derails me. Telephone anxiety in general, plus the professional obligation to ask good questions, to mine from this real person all of the info I’ll need to write what needs to be written. 565 more words

Geneva on a Weekend

End of August we took a spontanenous trip to Geneva.

Geneva is a truly multinational city, a financial hub located right in between Switzerland and France. 1,053 more words