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Lisa Figge is an artist academic living in Kingston, Ontario. She is nearing fifty years on this planet and working through the problems her biology is presenting for her identity as woman, life partner, mother, artist, friend, student, academic, lover, pacifist, earthling, etc.

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Barbara Meneley at Modern Fuel: "Unmapping the Last Best West"

“The works in Unmapping the Last Best West focus on cartographic representation and embodied relationships to land. Typically seen as scientific, objective, and absolute, in reality cartographic representation is anything but.

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Blackwood Gallery | Running with Concepts: The Choreographic Edition

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Sunday Self-Care: Seed catalogs

It’s the third-most wonderful time of the year.

The most wonderful time of the year is the first Saturday after Tax Day, when we put the garden in the ground. 251 more words


A Feel Good Holiday Giving Guide

The first snowfall happened last weekend, and today kicks off the official holiday shopping season. I’ll be staying home, happily as always, but I’ve still got decorating and gift-giving on the mind! 1,109 more words


The Borders of Dominicanidad | Duke University Press

In The Borders of Dominicanidad Lorgia García-Peña explores the ways official narratives and histories have been projected onto racialized Dominican bodies as a means of sustaining the nation’s borders.

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7 jaw-dropping images from the ongoing pipeline protest in North Dakota.

“Right now, more than 200 members of Native American tribes and their fellow activists are camping out near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.
They’ve been there for months, and the protest is one of the biggest in Native American history.
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