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Beginnings, middles and ends.

The ‘beginning’ is my Dorian Gray book. Finally happy with the piece I wrote from my research on saffron, I used a mixture of handwritten and printed sections to go with the first lot of samples I’d dyed. 264 more words

General Embroidery

15th Street- Finished

I’m on a roll, you guys!  I’ve finished another project!  I don’t know the last time I finished so many projects in so little time.  It’s very satisfying. 171 more words



Woo!  I’m feeling so good after finishing up all those projects for the Ravellenic games.  I think I might keep going!  (Plus, I don’t have any real plans for new projects, so I might as well keep finishing things off!) 232 more words


Patching with brass - an experiment

Several years ago when I was doing my silversmithing course, I had an idea about creating a piece where I ‘mended’ a piece of denim with a ‘patch’ of impressed brass. 337 more words

General Embroidery

A Texturilicious Cardigan

I guess it was too much to hope that I’d complete this project last year, but it’s finally ready. Well, almost ready, since I feel the sweater could do with more buttons but we’ve not ordered any. 344 more words


Winter Has Come!

My roommate and I are knitting a temperature scarf for 2018. A temperature scarf is made by using a different color on different days and basing it on the temperature. 83 more words


The final countdown

One more day until things start getting better!! One more day, one more day, one more day!! In preparation, I let everything go today (I didn’t make it outside at all) because tomorrow is the last day of losing light! 63 more words