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Happy Seed-Starting Day!

Seed Starting Day has become something of an unofficial holiday in our house. On that day, we spend half the day with the seeds, from preparing the trays to the actual planting of them, and then we spend the other half of the day being as lazy as possible. 522 more words


Seed Propagation in Seed Trays - Save Money!

Who likes to save money? I do! And who takes pleasure in watching their plants transform from seed to mature plant? We do! I collected a lot of seeds last year from my yard’s top performers and favorites – cucumbers, tomatoes, rosemary, jalapeno peppers, globe amaranth, marigolds and others. 956 more words


My fingers are tingling with magic!

That title picture was just to put you off the scent.  It has nothing to do with this post, other than that was in front of me when the magic struck. 542 more words

Cut Flowers

Gardening without plastic: Seed trays #2

So: onward and upward with my efforts to replace my stack of green and black plastic seed trays with lovely organic and handsome wooden ones instead. 499 more words


Gardening without plastic: Seed trays #1

The year marches on: and I thought it was about time I gave a little update on where I’m at in my attempts to clear the plastic out of my garden. 526 more words


When to Plant

I was hit hard by an epiphany this morning when I realized I should do a video post about germination.  As I thought through what the video may be, I then realized I should back up and do a post about how I got to that point.   805 more words

Planting Seeds with the Moon

I posted on facebook that I would be planting my fancy, shmancy heirloom seeds any day and received quite the backlash from concerned family members regarding the timing.   333 more words