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Communication in Ministry, Part XIV

The Harvest

Under the sun, there is nothing new

A time for everything

Each field planted, then the harvest

For Thanksgiving and the winter’s need… 56 more words


Good Seed: Going on a Trip

My soul sickens when I repeat the same daily

routine over and over and over again,

without change, without variation.

To plant a good seed, I traveled to the hill… 48 more words


The Triumph of Seeds: Our huge debt to tiny marvels

“THAT spark of dormant life may be hidden and hard to measure, but mother plants will do almost anything to protect it,” writes conservation biologist Thor Hansen, describing the marvels that are seeds. 80 more words


Plant The Seed.

It’s another beautiful week of graceful living. It was great to know that last week was filled with God’s blessing for you and by Faith, we believe that this week will be a better one for you. 907 more words


How To Grow A Garden From Your Leftovers

It is a satisfying intellectual challenge to see how many ways you can find to use your food leftovers in a productive way, rather than throwing them in the trash. 450 more words

Healthy Habits // Chia Seed Pudding

Every Sunday I say to myself I’m going to start eating healthier this week, go to bed earlier, and be more productive. Maybe this week is the week. 210 more words


Feed your Plants! Video on Plant Food

Before putting out an article for homemade plant food ideas, I thought it would be best to tell you what exactly food plants need. It is important to know not just what works best, but why it works. 113 more words