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This was the second step of seed and field injection. This time I changed the size of my seed and used my whole field. I realised that I could create spaces easily and see the relations between the spaces and also elements better than my first model because of the dimension change. 47 more words


One Seed

Deep inside the being, there is a seed
A seed left alone, when we seek outside
Temptations we fall into, even in our sleep
Away from the gate where our garden reside… 108 more words



In this axonometric drawing, I used 2 different colours because I tried to make my seed model more dominant. I tried show how the seed and field injected to each other and created spaces. 44 more words


FIELD+SEED [Prejury]

This time we had to inject our seed into our field. First of all, injecting had a meaning to force into a passage, cavity or tissue when I looked to the meaning there was an idea occurred in my mind. 47 more words


OUT OUR WAY: Goliath's Gospel:   Rainbows and Color-Blindness

And Jesus told a parable. ” A sower went out to sow  – and he cast the seed, some fell along the pathway and the birds came and ate it up.  605 more words


Not the End, Only the Beginning

New York Morning Thought: Today, we bury my mom and it just happened that my cycle of Scripture reading fell on Jesus’ burial. This shows me God’s timing is perfect. 127 more words

Morning Thought