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9/11| Breaking the Cycle: How to Build Sustainable Peace Using the Contact Theory

 Contact Theory was first developed in the 1950s by renowned researcher Gordon Allport, and is based on the belief that separation and unfamiliarity between conflicting groups can, and often does, breed negative attitudes such as stereotypes and prejudices which can potentially escalate into hostility and violence.
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Photographing Peace

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Otisfield, Maine. The technical center I used to attend was doing some repair work around the camp and kindly asked me along to photograph the Tri-County students working. 223 more words



Help to create Abraham’s Tent: Be sure to read the Call for Handspun at the end of this blog entry. Please share the Call with friends, on Facebook, Twitter. 2,030 more words

Public Art

Wil Smith- Bigger than Life

Today as I type his name to record a memorial message it brings back so many memories from summers of 2011 & 2013. I wish I had been a little notorious at camp so would have that special sessions with Wil where he magically transformed the teenagers and showed a new perspective to life- an unkown one. 286 more words


Awesome Stories 207

This week Awesome Stories brings you helping hands, wonder, free food, building peace and cool music.

Ready Willing & Able

Ready Willing & Able is the brainchild of George McDonald. 471 more words

Awesome Stories


    Mark Heller, with Jonathan & Susannah Malino. Mark spoke to us about Israeli’s security issues as he works for the NISS.

    Elias Chachour – Founder of the Mar Elias Educational Institute and author of “Blood Brothers “, a book I highly recommend. 199 more words

Culture of Peace (COP) graduates pledge to continue sowing seeds of peace

Longing for the peaceful and conclusive resolution of resource-based conflicts that have beleaguered the tri-people in the municipalities of Columbio, Datu Paglas and Tulunan, 73 peace facilitators vowed to sustain the Culture of Peace seminars and trainings, inter-barangay/municipality dialogues and expanding the network of peace facilitators at the barangay and municipal levels. 319 more words

Culture Of Peace