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NetMF Electric Longboard Part 1

When I first built my electric longboard I started with a devicter devduino V2 running a modified version of the Wiiceiver code from AustinDavid.com. This plug n play setup has worked really well and proved quite robust considering the hostile environment it is working in. 480 more words


Goldilocks Analogue - Wrap Up

This is the final item on the Goldilocks Analogue as a design and production exercise.

Thank you for pledging on the Kickstarter Project page. Closed on November 19th 2015, with 124% funding. 1,135 more words

Goldilocks Analogue - Testing 4


I’ve been working on the Goldilocks Analogue now for so long that its been the centerpiece of my coding evenings for the past 18 months. 2,841 more words

ClearCut Seeedstudio Papilio Analog Grove Wing

At a single time the Single wing Offense was like the Spread Offense of nowadays. Invented by Pop Warner in 1907, it was the most frequent offense in its heyday. 346 more words

Seeedstudio High Speed Gear Kit 18045 Advice

graphic driving skills, enough for a lifetime Overview driving position and steering wheel grip
throttle, clutch, step on the foot brake of the law plus file operations example downshift operation example … 301 more words

Seeedstudio PIR Motion Sensor Large Lens version Of

For some, contact contacts give more significant usefulness and much more rewarding vision static correction when compared with glasses. Here is what on earth is interested in a typical contact… 260 more words