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Goldilocks Analogue - Prototyping 4

Just over 6 months since the third iteration of the Goldilocks Analogue Prototyping was started, and now I’ve finished the design for a forth iteration. The Goldilocks Analogue Prototype 4 design is now finished, and I’m working out what the final bill of materials will cost to assemble into a final outcome. 929 more words

St Margaret's CodeClub information

If you want to follow along at home all the software is free (Visual Studio Express 2013) or open source (Netduino software & Hardware… 88 more words


XBee Walkie Talkie

I’m building an advanced Arduino clone based on the AVR ATmega1284p MCU with some special features including a 12 bit DAC MCP4822, headphone amplifier, 2x SPI Memory (SRAM, EEPROM) 1,638 more words

PCBs are here!

Finally, faster than expected, the PCBs are here:

They look pretty nice (sorry for my bad photo), the only remark I have to make myself before testing them is that I misplaced some silkscreen and they didn’t come out clear and readable… for the rest, I like it very much! 39 more words


Orders placed!

Finally I finished all the checks on my PCB and sent them to production!
Almost everything was fine, one of the few things to correct was the minimum silkscreen text size according to my PCB manufacturer specifications. 144 more words


Writing Code for the MicroPython: My setup

Not the coding setup, but the physical one… In the last few posts I showed what could be done with a MicroPython and some sensors. I haven’t had much time lately, what with the evil day-time job getting in the way, but I did play a little with a couple more pieces of my SeeedStudio stash. 279 more words

Azure Veneziano - LinkIt ONE

This post follows my first one on Internet-of-Things telemetry project based on Azure.
At that time I used a Netduino Plus 2 as remote sensor device: this time I use the awesome… 1,207 more words