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Writing Code for the MicroPython: My setup

Not the coding setup, but the physical one… In the last few posts I showed what could be done with a MicroPython and some sensors. I haven’t had much time lately, what with the evil day-time job getting in the way, but I did play a little with a couple more pieces of my SeeedStudio stash. 279 more words

Azure Veneziano - LinkIt ONE

This post follows my first one on Internet-of-Things telemetry project based on Azure.
At that time I used a Netduino Plus 2 as remote sensor device: this time I use the awesome… 1,207 more words


Netduino Water flow Sensor

A few months ago I purchased 1/2” and 3/4″ inch water flow sensors from SeeedStudio. My plan was to monitor our water and power… 177 more words


Rainbows for the Micro Python

Plodding my way through I2C-enabled devices I bought from SeeedStudio, I picked the newly released RGB-LCD — a variation on the old 2 lines of 16 chars LCD screen, where you can set the background colour. 84 more words

Micro Python

Micro Python shows off

I backed on Kickstarter the Micro Python project and promptly forgot about it, as usual — since between the time you back a project and you get the goods, a long time goes, and other things can happen in the mean time, like… 300 more words

My GrovePi Adventure

Here we go again . . . another story of following the instructions for a project exactly and failing miserably.  A while back, I got a GrovePi and a bunch of sensors.  640 more words

Netduino Galvanic Skin Response(GSR)

One of CodeClub’s sponsors is Orion Health so I have been evaluating sensors suitable for health focused projects. We already use the SeeedStudio Grove Heart rate sensor… 304 more words