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Life Under The Table- Chapter 6

When they finished the illicit act, Gbadebo smiled at her. She smiled. He looked at his shirt. She smiled at him again as she rose from the bed. 1,247 more words

Life Under The Table

Reflected Darkly

How can I love you?
All you are lacking:
Your empty spaces,
Locked doors,
Torn dreams,
Blind fears?

How can I love you?
Squinting through the glare of fluorescent memories… 75 more words

The Best Gift EVER

It had to be a humiliating experience.

Caught in the act of adultery. Grabbed by angry, self-righteous hands and cast into the midst of a shocked and angry crowd. 290 more words

Christian Living

The Power of Forgiveness

Terrell and I love our children and they love us; we actually like each other a lot, too. But, over the years we haven’t seen eye to eye on all things – like nap times, meal choices, clothing and hair preferences, who sits where in the car, whose turn it is for anything, house rules and responsibilities. 367 more words


Why Confess to that Age-Old Sin Now???

Because you’re getting older by the day, and, as each day passes, you’d feel that grip of fate, tighten, ‘round your necks, and that you’d been gnawed by your GUILTY CONSCIENCE ever since you’d done the bad deed, and it’s tortured your minds for your lives? 207 more words


Teens Blog - SF12 - Cleansed with Forgiveness

They were at death’s door. A mother and daughter kidnapped and raped by the Boko Haram militants. Scared and unsure what will happen to them, the kidnappers gave them an ultimatum. 735 more words


unkept promises...

a small stone
upon a shore
watch as the tide
the stone
to and fro
with violent anger
a thousand… 16 more words