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While I'm Waiting...

We’ve all been there. The time of nothing, well… something, but it always feels like nothing. Whether the clock is dead or just moving really slow, it doesn’t seem like time is passing. 663 more words

Seeking God

Life Sucking Woman Becomes a Life-Giving Woman

By Sheri Yates

“No one will ever love you. Everyone will leave you. No one will stick around because you are such a terrible person.” Years ago, those words rang in my ears and kept me in an unhealthy relationship, clinging to their author because I longed so desperately to never be alone again. 571 more words

Spiritual Growth

A Prayer for God Seekers

O Lord our God,
grant us grace to desire thee
with our whole heart; that,
so desiring, we may seek,
and seeking find thee;
and so finding thee… 20 more words


The Ascent of Humanity

The basic problem facing modern society at the most fundamental level is a crisis of meaning and values. This underlies the dilemma of those for whom society has no meaningful roles—the uneducated and the unemployed… 1,267 more words


Saturday - Faith - The L.D.S and Myself

When one decides to turn towards God, and pray with intent, and seek Him with an honest and willing heart, God spoke to me and said … … 1,397 more words

New Beginnings

The Sweetest Sound

When I was asked to guest blog for Project Womanhood I was honored, humbled and, honestly, felt such an urgency. You see, I was asked to write about autism. 673 more words


Do not be taken Captivated

“What you think about you will care about, what you care about you will chase” – Ben Stuart

God has given us a sense of obsessiveness for a single purpose and that is… 1,827 more words