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Funyuns And Skittles

Imagine someone that eats only once a week. They are starving throughout the whole week and the only day they can eat, they eat a bag of Funyuns and a handful of Skittles. 887 more words

Race of LIFE

Each of us knows in our hearts what trials and stretchings and testings we have, or are currently, facing and bearing.

Some of us are called to a deeper acquaintance with “the fellowship of His sufferings” and also, in time, to a greater encounter with “the power of His resurrection” than others around us .   716 more words


Science and Human Material and Spiritual Potential

Liftoff of Apollo 8 at Christmas 1968 – carrying the first human beings to venture into Lunar orbit. Those were exciting times for those of us who worked in support of Mission Control at NASA as we participated in the making of history, when one man made one small step and one giant leap for all of mankind. 948 more words


The Dilemma confronting Religion and Science

While it can be reasoned that scientific discoveries are only really worthwhile when they can be used for the benefit of humanity it is also true that spiritual discoveries are always going to eventually benefit humanity. 346 more words


How to Start Your Day

By Sheri Yates

I don’t have this worked out perfectly. Maybe you do, and you should teach me. The Bible says to seek first the Kingdom of God. 500 more words

Spiritual Growth

I'm tired...

These guys are definitely not tired – or not yet! We had a lot of fun watching this group of young Ugandans from Kampala Children’s Centre… 232 more words

Seeking God