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Why Sawdust?

After four years in full-time youth ministry in Houston, Texas, my wife, Kimberly, and I decided that it was time for us to pray and pursue opportunities closer to our families in West Tennessee. 695 more words


Wear the shoes that fit you

You’re doing what has been asked and expected of you.  All the “right” things, all that you’re “supposed” to do to be happy, respected and successful.   385 more words


Contemplation: Here and Now

“To become a contemplative, a daily schedule of religious events and practices is not enough.  We must begin to do life, to be with people, to accept circumstances, to bring good to evil in ways that speak of the presence of God in every moment.”  …

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Contemplative Prayer

A heart sings, listening

Hold me close and closer
Kiss the war in my heart
Settle the maelstrom
Take my hand

As I am safe in your light
You are safe in my darkness… 18 more words


Oil and Water

“The spirit of faith is completely opposite the spirit of this world.” – Msgr. William Carr

Oil and water do not mix, although they may occupy the same vessel. 189 more words


Longing to Return

I return

in silent reverence

to this quiet place

tucked away within

my heart,

where there is sadness,

where there is pain —

pain that can’t be labeled… 30 more words


King Herod Reflects

The Passion of St. John the Baptist (Mark 6:17-29)

“You must understand…I was divided within myself but had to silence him. Circumstances backed me into a corner and I had civic vows to uphold. 139 more words