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When You Do Not Feel God's Presence In Your Life

“When you get serious abt finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t b disappointed.” – Jeremiah 29:13 MSG… 483 more words


I was pondering over why many people would share their struggles with hearing God for an answer. Not that we need supernatural powers nor the gifting to hear Him… I was pointed to this verse… 437 more words

God Matters

Rented Sin

sitting in a row of ducks and gooses,
feeling out of place,
squarely obtrusive,
amid the proud peacocks with their
never-ending pretending,
whitewashed souls dipping fingers… 31 more words



How can that be?
All this intimacy
And still not happy

All these people
All these hearts
And still so lonely

All these words
All these conversations… 30 more words


Frequency fees waived for telcos testing out 5G services in Singapore

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

Telecom operators testing out new 5G services in Singapore will have frequency fees waived until December 2019, as the country seeks to advance the new mobile technology. 185 more words


hiding in the forest

the truth hides in the forest

the one in fairy tails

dark and mysterious

unknown paths and trails

only the brave, the curious

dare to venture in… 53 more words


They were all liars

Today I came to the conclusion that I’m not a funny person. I never have been. I probably never will be. Everyone who laughed at my jokes and made me feel like I had some comedic talent, just wanted to get closer to me. 432 more words