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Time to Detox

I’ll be giving up my phone as a bit of a social expirement/cleansing. I will be using a simple phone to communicate and work very hard on in person conversation. 101 more words

A Jewish Quote that Accidentally Proved Jesus as Messiah

Let me take a moment and be completely, painfully honest with you. I grew up in church and was saved at a very young age, so I didn’t have the advantage of the proof of a changed life. 1,267 more words



What more can a person know

other than what is given?

We ask, seek, and knock –

and the door opens,

but only a little. 25 more words


Bless Them

#26 Nicki @ Northern and Grand Ave, Phoenix.

Nicki looked like the life of the party wearing a fluffy skirt with leggings and I couldn’t tell you how many colors her hair was. 290 more words


Key To Wisdom (Original Poem)

Written by @linzo

Better to know that you don’t know

For a knowing man knows

Nothing about knowing

That which is privy to the wise… 18 more words