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A message to SINGLEs

I am happily married and now an expectant mom. Four more months and a first child from me will be born. What a privilege and joy it brings then? 512 more words


Desperately Seeking Jesus

This weekend has been nothing short of awesome. Brian and I took the first couple days of the holiday weekend, and headed to Southwest Indiana to Rockville, Marshall and Turkey Run. 1,676 more words


Hide and Seek with God

I had the wonderful privilege of attending a Sandi Patty concert last night for the very first time. It is her farewell tour and I knew I would regret not attending so I got 2 tickets and brought a friend from church me to see what I knew would be a wonderful concert. 1,309 more words

More connected, converged with the Internet of Things

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Every time you work out, the smart watch tracking your run encourages you to push a little harder. 1,056 more words


Lobbyists Are Behind the Rise in Corporate Profits

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Profits are up. Operating margins for firms publicly listed in the US show a substantial and sustained rise. Corporate valuations are up as well. 842 more words