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CancerChat NZ

CancerChat is a forum that allows people with cancer to share their journeys and connect with people who truly empathise and have much deeper understanding of how they are feeling. 39 more words


Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is a tool allowing people to create support communities while their loved ones are receiving treatment for illnesses. The help calendar allows people to connect, share treatment updates, keep track of important information and request support.


NZBCF | What got me through

‘What got me through’ via NZBCF. Themes of humour, connecting with people and supporting each other, loved ones, family and friends, mindfully taking time out for yourself, finding strength through other people on a similar journey, keeping in a routine, finding a retreat or something just for you that’s relaxing, milestones, things to look forward to, positive distractions. 832 more words


Collecting Stories

I’ll keep updating this blog post will collections of stories from a wide range of people.

Susie’s Story, via NZBCF

At the age of 36 while breastfeeding our nearly one year old baby I noticed a hard lump in my left breast.  1,341 more words


NZBCF | Supporting Someone

Article from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation about how to support a friend through their breast cancer journey.

“These are some of the things that women have told us have helped them through their breast cancer treatment and recovery. 645 more words


The Pursuit of Happiness

So far, supply teaching has consisted of a lot of observation, problem solving, wrestling with the concept of authority, and making sure that kids, in the absence of their usual routine-enforcer, don’t do anything too irresponsible. 1,180 more words