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[seeking] man with no intentions to be a rapper looking for rap name generator

LANSING, MICHIGAN – I have no plans whatsoever to pursue a career in rap music or anything related to rap music; however, me, an accountant, don’t find accountant name generators as fun as rap name generators. 19 more words


To see and to find

He who seeks in truth finds in truth, but only and when he knows what he is seeking! If one seeks and one finds not, then it is because it is not in one! 102 more words


My aloneness: poetry

I don’t know, I just feel I am on the way;
The way still doesn’t have a name,
But I feel, the feeling alone is great; 152 more words

seeking order

best and its own

and called

and meant

and nothing was folded

and sent of the passing

and its own reality

and kept on

and secluded… 40 more words


[seeking] presidential candidate looking for best thanksgiving photo op

WASHINGTON, D.C – It’s a fact that 100% of all Presidential winners have won the important caucus known as the Thanksgiving photo op. The candidate with the most tragic, heartbreaking Thanksgiving feast will win the Presidency. 45 more words


Walk Your Talk

One step forward,

One step backwards.

Knowing what to say,

But too afraid to speak.

Knowing what to do,

But too afraid to act.

There is a road ahead, 176 more words


Jet black and so mysterious.

Your caws send chills down my spine

A message from the spiritual world.

Letting us know that we are not alone. 64 more words