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Questions that lead to more questions.

Questions beget Questions.

Your mind will send you seeking and then seeking some more.

An infinity of questions.  It will never stop.

Is this a question quest? 48 more words

Spiritual Writing

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation of one kind or another. The attitude that is the means by which the seeker views and accepts the manifestations of the various seasons of the soul’s seeking is that which is of most importance in each testing, for if it can be discovered within the point of view of the seeker that each situation has a metaphysical implication that revolves about the concept of love and acceptance of that which is, then the seeker is more able to take advantage of the more specific lessons that orbit the primary concept of love that may be found in each cycle or season. 39 more words

Stretching and growing

Have you ever heard of growing pains? I feel as though I have been living them the past few weeks and thus some of my silence on the blog. 367 more words


What The...?

I feel like the abused woman who kept going back to her abuser by seeking care at a community mental health center, getting harmed, and continuing to go back to worse and worse levels of harm. 66 more words

Greater Glimpses

Greater glimpses of you
That is all I seek
As I walk through this world of darkness and doubt
As I fall into sin and then run back into your light… 253 more words

Creative Writing

Your Timing Is Yours

I’ve had many recent days that have felt incredibly unsuccessful. I can sit here and vent about all the things I have not done, but that would be counterproductive. 718 more words


A Swirl of Emotions

If weather were dictated by your emotions

Would there be more calm seas, and clear blue skies

Or wind and rain and dark stormy nights… 13 more words

Spiritual Impressions