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My Anxious Life

I was diagnosed with anxiety late.

I say this because I have lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember, but I was not diagnosed until I was twenty. 262 more words

Death & Grieving Project

On April 20th 1990, my Father died suddenly. There have been many more deaths and loss’s since then and, so it surely goes, there will be more to come. 451 more words


Outdated command...or is it?

The #2 commandment, you know, from the 10 that were given to Charlton Heston, I mean Moses.

Does this even apply to us today?

I haven’t recently thought about God and carved, or made something to represent or capture who he is, so how does this apply? 231 more words


The Impassable Way

The way seems impassable
Formidable barriers
Impenetrable walls

But I stand here, now
Beyond so many
Impassable barriers
All along the way 39 more words


SEE: Awesome reply a pretty girl who wants a rich husband got from a banker

We all know women who are ‘gold diggers’. But rarely do we find women so bold and transparent about their hunt.

This pretty woman is serious about her goals. 617 more words

Dating Tips

I Was Not Prepared

There is a full fledged war raging against our children. Between drugs and pornography, I was not prepared for the fight.

When my kids were little, my job was to teach them what was right and what was wrong. 503 more words


The New Adventure - My 40s

This blog could well have been called “August And Everything After” – after an album that meant a great deal to me in my early 20s and defined a certain time in my life – a time when I edged toward finding myself – and then (as a consequence of life-stuff) got diverted. 371 more words