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You may remember this guy:


In fact, he isn’t a real reporter losing his shit on tv (though there’s a good chance that the viral content aggregation site where you originally saw the video told you that he was). 847 more words

Non Classé

Slick moves

Watch this video with the sound on. It’s worth it.

It’s difficult to overstate how much I, as a connoisseur of fine PR, enjoy RT’s work. 171 more words

Vladimir Putin

Haters gonna hate and ain'ters gonna ain't...

This looks and sounds insane to anyone who isn’t North Korean, but it’s worth noticing that:

  1. North Koreans tend – surprisingly – to be a lot more open about expressing emotion than South Koreans, and…
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North Korea

Truth is a Slippery Animal

There’s a passage in a British political autobiography (I think it’s Julian Critchley’s A Bag of Boiled Sweets, but I couldn’t swear to it) in which an old stager warns a younger colleague on the campaign trail that one should never tell voters that crime is falling, even if it is, because you won’t be believed: “that’s just not what crime does.” 255 more words


For everyone who's ever wondered what the people around Kim Jong Un are writing in their little notebooks

This guy's KJU notes aren't too thorough @nknewsorg @hmacd1 @OliverHotham pic.twitter.com/EbrIas8TXU

— Leo Byrne (@LeoPByrne) October 8, 2015

That is – I am not kidding – the most frequent North Korea related question I get.

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North Korea