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Drag Bingo Reaches $100,000 Milestone In Sacramento Fundraising Effort

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Feathers, wigs and a game of bingo.

It’s called drag bingo, and it’s game on in Sacramento as a fundraising party for those in need. 192 more words


Heat Forces Sacramento Antique Store To Rethink Hours, Close Early

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento antique store shut its doors for the day earlier this week when temperatures got too hot.

The owners of the store say it can feel like a sauna when temperatures go past triple-digits, so instead of handing customers a towel, they thought it was better to conserve and get a break on their power bill instead. 135 more words


After Meeting Drought Goal, Folsom Turns Water Back On At Splash Parks

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Some are questioning why Folsom city leaders are turning on the water at their splash parks in the middle of a severe drought. 293 more words


Call Kurtis: Why Did My Insurance Company Cancel My Policy For My Foothills Home?

COLFAX (CBS13) — Approaching what could be a bad fire season residents in the foothills are finding out they may not have home insurance for long. 557 more words


Man Offers Speed Date While You Wait In Subway

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In a city where time is of the essence and multitasking is a must, a Brooklyn man has found a way to look for a love connection while waiting for the subway. 311 more words


Health: For Some Veterans, A Popular Tradition Can Trigger Painful Memories

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Big Fourth of July festivities coming up this holiday weekend, but for some veterans a popular tradition can trigger painful memories. 296 more words

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Cleanup Continues In Greenwich Township After Last Week's Storms

By Natasha Brown

GREENWICH Twp., N.J., (CBS) — The power has been restored in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, but the cleanup for homeowners like Joe Higgins is far from over. 202 more words