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James Bond 007: The Duel. The Kremlin (1993) Sega Genesis

Coming four years after Timothy Dalton’s last filmic appearance as the suave secret agent, The Duel marks the last official appearance of Dalton as 007… 710 more words


Sonic Spinball, Sega (1993), Mega Drive

Oh, fuck me. I’m sorry, I’m honestly not doing this on purpose, I actually love Sonic. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM LIKE I DO.

Plot… 577 more words


NFL Quarterback Club

Sega Genesis
Released in 1994 by Acclaim
Rating: 2 out of 5

Borrowing a lot of the basics from the Madden series, Quarterback Club is easy to pick up and play and can be fun for a while, especially against a human opponent. 516 more words

Sega Genesis

Let's... SORTA... Talk About Blades Of Vengeance

A small caution for everyone for this review: if you are in any way offended by the colours red and brown or combinations of red and brown, you will be offended and probably need to go and vent about it on Tumblr, where it will be mislaid amongst the porn, shirtless men, cats and fandom bickering, none of which really matters in the grandest schemes. 1,992 more words


Empire of Steel. Flying Edge (1992) Sega Genesis

Known as Steel Empire everywhere other than PAL, and coming as a recommendation I set about building my empire, in steel… 762 more words


Producer of Genesis Flashback consoles claims review units have early, buggy firmware

Nintendo recently flared the microconsole craze with NES Classic Edition. This spurred nostalgia amongst gamers of the 8-bit era and with that, Nintendo has another console coming preloaded with more games… 313 more words


Let's Play Sonic Spinball | Episode 2: Lethal Lava Powerhouse

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Lava Powerhouse Zone!

This mechanical apparatus harnesses the power of the lava (or technically magma) within the volcano to power the Veg-O-Fortress! 38 more words

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