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nintendo v. sega

Console Wars:  Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation
Author: Blake J. Harris

David vs. Goliath doesn’t properly characterize the battle between Sega and Nintendo.   1,122 more words


Cyber-armed commandos from arcade's past - Dynamite Duke

Seibu Kaihatsu is a developer probably better known for their Raiden shmups, but they had a pretty eclectic catalog of games throughout their history starting in 1983 with a shmup called Stinger (no relation to what would later be known as Konami’s Stinger in the West). 885 more words


Underappreciated Albums #1: Masato Nakamura - Soundtracks to Sonic The Hedgehog & Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Game releases 1991 and 1992, album release 2012)

(Please read here for an introduction to the Underappreciated Albums series)

Masato Nakamura’s work on the soundtracks for the first two Sonic games, finally receiving official release in 2012, is bound by tight technological restrictions; the compositions for each level are limited to four sounds playing simultaneously, 16 bits, and about 90 seconds of audio to loop. 847 more words


Shadow Dancer[GEN] - [Late]Sunday Showcase

Pardon the lateness for this weeks Sunday Showcase, WizWar100 was Shadow Dancing last Sunday on National Ninja Day on the Sega Genesis.

Vote: http://bit.ly/1vslUdo

If you like the video please give a like, comment and share the videos with your friends to watch and check out my site: … 73 more words


Remember This: 'Sonic the Hedgehog'?

Maaaaaaan, in the early ’90s, you couldn’t catch lil Cec without a Sega Genesis controller in her hand! And my game of choice? That’s right, that little fast sucka called Sonic. 96 more words


Why the hell haven't you played Gunstar Heroes yet?

This is truly one of the hidden gems of the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis. The Sonic series was amazing, Streets of Rage is also amazing, but this game fell off the radar due to the other games available on the console. 398 more words


Sonic Runners Trailer Debuts

In the words of Bender B. Rodriguez, “I’m back, baby!”

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry. Life happens, Holidays come along, you change jobs, and then your PC dies. 660 more words

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