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M.U.S.H.A (1990 Sega Mega/Genesis)

M.U.S.H.A(Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor) or “Musha Aleste” in Japan is a shooter made by legendary shooter developer Compile for the Sega Mega/Genesis in 1990. The game is already infamous for the price it fetches these days which can be well over the 300$ mark. 725 more words

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Nigmabox Rundown (3/11-3/17) Natalie's Future Is Looking Bright

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how my foreseeable future is going to play out, making my plans for the rest of the year, and I have to say, I’m pretty satisfied with them.   1,254 more words


A Not-So Brief History On the Beat'Em Up Genre: The Rapid Rise and Fall of Golden Axe

When we last left off the evolution of the Beat’Em Up genre throughout gaming history, Technos had just released River City Ransom, an open world Beat’Em Up that included a password system and rudimentary RPG stats. 646 more words

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NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Genesis) - Retro Bits

Esta entrega salió en febrero de 1995, un año después de que el original saliera para consolas caseras, al igual que la edición anterior, salió para la mayor cantidad de plataformas posibles desde Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Sega 32X hasta para el primer Playstation. 1,139 more words


Sega announces Mega Drive/Genesis Collection, coming May 29 (Update)

50 of the greatest Sega classics in one place for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Update: We’ve added the full list of games as posted on the… 420 more words

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The Games That Time Forgot - Trampoline Terror!, Sega Genesis

Today we look at a game that was considered one of the weirdest games to be released on the Sega Genesis as it was all about defeating aliens under a really unusual name – today we look at the world of Trampoline Terror! 170 more words