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GENESIS Review - Castlevania Bloodlines

Castlevania –  I never use to play these games growing up but since the release of the DS games, I really started to enjoy them. I think they were just too hard for me when I was young!  345 more words


Episode 040 – Toejam & Earl (1991)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we’re just tryin’ to help some aliens avoid pesky humans as they fix their spaceship! From 1991, we’re playing… 258 more words


Mortal Kombat

I could be in big trouble for this one:  the original Mortal Kombat does not  hold up.  I go upstairs the other day, drink in hand, turn on my system, boot up Mortal Kombat, put in the blood code and prepare my eyes for violence I hadn’t beheld since a young lad.  378 more words

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Ecco the Dolphin - 3DS Port

I think one may have to be a psychopath to play Ecco the Dolphin through to its completion. As much as this may be an exaggeration, the level of difficulty of this Sega Mega Drive original nevertheless justifies it. 608 more words


Rock, Paper, Bad Platformers: Why I Never Played Sega Genesis 

Currently, one of my many part time jobs (5, if we’re being technical) is working at a media and entertainment store. We used to carry video games but no longer do. 570 more words