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Steam Sale! Sega Genesis Classics Pick & Mix

For the next 5 days Bundle Stars is having an amazing sale on classic Sega Genesis games for Steam. For about 30-50 cents (CAD) each depending on the bundle you chose you could have a virtual handful or bucket full or really excellent Sega Genesis games. 500 more words


Build Your Own Sega Bundle

Fans of the classic Sega Genesis games rejoice! The Sega Genesis Pick & Mix bundle is available now in the Bundle Stars store on Steam. 100 more words

Retrobit Retro Gen Adapter Review

As those of us who buy, and play a lot of old games eventually discover, old consoles take up space. Sometimes old consoles wear out for good, and there are all kinds of third-party clone systems these days. 991 more words


Weekending 7/16/16: Sonic 3 and Knuckles

  • Introduction:

Well look at this, Sonic 3 with Sonic and knuckles attached to it. Does this count as one game? or 2 games? Well I’m going to check it off the list as 2 games but like so people don’t know or refuse to believe when you attach Sonic 3 to Sonic and Knuckles is the original full game of Sonic 3. 1,234 more words


Top 8 Disney Video Games

Disney has made a lot of movies and with most of those movies have come video games. Many are made to be released with the movie while others are to celebrate the many other awesome Disney characters. 1,039 more words