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What Does "Dire Clown" Mean?

Several people have asked me about this – what the hell does “Dire Clown” (the URL of my blog) mean?  Allow me to explain.

Back in 1992, I was obsessed with the game… 252 more words

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Take A Look At The Cancelled 'Akira' Game for Sega Genesis

Ever wondered if there was a planned Sega Genesis video game adaptation of iconic anime film Akira that never quite made it to shelves? Well if you were one of those who did wonder something so obscure yet specific, then you are in luck because footage has leaked of a cancelled Akira game for the Sega Genesis. 120 more words


[On Demand] Shinobi Movie, Tomb Raider Reboot, Civil War, & Plot Fiction (EP 32)

On this week’s On Demand edition of The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway talk video game movie adaptations with the news of a Shinobi… 101 more words


Sega Genesis Classics Collection - Review # 1: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

When poking around on STEAM recently, I noticed that the Sega Genesis Classics Collection was on sale for 66% off. Having grown up a Genesis kid  629 more words

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Endless mazes from the past - Fatal Labyrinth

Sega was running hot by 1991 thanks to efforts by Tom Kalinske (hired the year before) and his crack team at Sega of America. That year, the Sega Genesis actually outsold the SNES by a margin of 2:1 (the SNES landed in North America in August that year) thanks to the Sega’s head start in 1988 and a large library of ready-to-play titles by the time the holidays rolled around. 1,725 more words


Hardest Sega Genesis Games

F*** These Games

Vectorman & Vectorman 2

At first glance, Vectorman seems to be the type of character Sega paid the bills with; unique look, cool don’t care attitude, and deep, gameplay experience waiting all those kids with allowance and the holidays coming up.  824 more words

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Golden Axe III

Today I was looking through my Sega Genesis/Megadrive collection and I found Golden Axe 3. I never own this game as a child but I remember that a couple years ago I bought the game in a “lot-sale” and I got it. 394 more words