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Sonic Remix Sunday! Twin Remixes by Ben Briggs & PrototypeRaptor

If you need a break from the Coachella livestream & you had a Genesis, you’re going to like this stuff. I got the Sonic the Hedgehog theme music stuck in my head so I decided to dig around and throw down my 2 favorite remixes involving the Blue Blur himself.   221 more words


GameStop Begins Classic Video Game Service

In March 2015, GameStop started buying PlayStation 2 consoles again due to its popularity. Now, GameStop has announced that they will start buying and selling classic consoles and games again in New York City and Birmingham. 78 more words


Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) - Did You Know Gaming?

For more reading on some of the information in this video, check the following links: 25 more words

Sega Genesis

GameStop Wants You To Trade In All Those Dusty, "Retro" Consoles, Games & Accessories

Nostalgia is all well and good, but it won’t change that dust-coated Nintendo you’ve had sitting around into anything useful. GameStop, on the other hand, says it wants to do just that with the pilot of a new “retro” consoles, games and accessories trade-in program in two cities starting April 25. 205 more words

Blast Processing!

Before you continue reading…please go to this YouTube link and watch this 30-second clip.

Wow. 16-bit arcade graphics. Michael Jackson. Joe Montana. 16-bit sports action. Genesis Does. 1,182 more words

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Toejam and Earl. Sega (1991) Sega Genesis

I am not sure how to start this… Except, Toejam and Earl is random, wacky, and a little surreal. Typically, when somebody decribes ANYTHING like that, I automatically hate it, not Toejam and Earl though. 831 more words


Castle of Illusion - The Beginning and the End of My Video Game World

Due to undisclosed medical reasons, I was stuck in the apartment for about two weeks early in March. Luckily, this was an expected situation, so I had time to stock up on low-impact,  boredom-killing activities like puzzles, painting, and… video games. 430 more words