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Introducing 'Me for the past week'

My last post was on the first week of November and now I’m posting on the last week of November. Wow Diyy, just wow.

So much has happened guys! 127 more words

November 2015

... are You Kidding ?? [#yemen]...

.. yemen is a source of strength ?!?! …

.. ..
.. to the Press Briefing idiocy footage …

.. I knew that JoshBoy was out of his element , but jeez …

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The new show lineups

As some of our loyal watchers already know, we have a new show lineup here on Fred’s Fantastic Fiasco, which gives a lot more varied content to our viewers. 141 more words

Content Strategy is Boring

We all know talking about content strategy is a yawn fest. But too bad because it’s pretty darn important. Much like this blog, your content is not meant for the entire internet. 365 more words

Content Strategy

... When Leon Panetta Says the White House needs a Shake Up ...

.. the ObamaCraps should damn well better listen ..

.. He is no Republican . He is a Democrat of lifelong standing . He has also done jobs up and down the line in government , including White House Chief of Staff … 30 more words

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Segments of the Days to Come

We seek the love we think is perfect for us. The moment we overcome our obsession is the moment we find the true love. Think about all the movies you watched, all the books you read, scenes that are still stuck in your mind and unconsciously shape the idea of a relationship you want or think is the best for you. 272 more words


Me and My Site: Many Subject(s)!

It has been a long time (yes I know). Long story short, during the time I was thinking about making this site more segmented or has particular theme. 152 more words

Woman Things