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Calculating Segment Growth in Oracle

An excellent script for calculating segment growth in Oracle can be found here.  I added the tablespace column and excluded ‘sys’ objects.  Here’s the new version: 401 more words

One player's analysis shows how likely we are to unlock Farfetch'd and Kangaskhan

(Source: pokemongohub.net)






A redditor name lolypuppy has created a great analysis covering the past few days of the Global Catch Challenge and depicting how the current catch numbers relate to the overall 3 billion catches goal. 263 more words


MindChamps PreSchool Limited’s IPO: How it Makes Money

(Source: www.fool.sg)

MindChamps PreSchool Limited filed its initial public offering (IPO) prospectus last Friday. At the time of the filing, MindChamps PreSchool had a network of 54 centres. 561 more words

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5 Days with Mari

Hello Sorters!

I vowed to test all the methods I am going to share with you before I write about them and go “You should try it out!” and that’s how 5 Days with Mari came about! 249 more words

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G.3 Review

Formulas! Formulas!! FORMULAS!!! There are so many, how am I supposed to keep track of them all?!

Well, don’t freak out! Just check out this lesson on the distance, midpoint, and slope formulas to get some extra practice. 22 more words

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of our own making

Chi awoke to darkness and an overwhelming loneliness overcame her. She had a late lunch with a friend earlier and was, afterwards, tired and lethargic. Too much noise and stimuli overwhelmed her. 208 more words


the beautiful banh mi

Downtown Tampa has a cafe that serves Vietnamese style sandwiches. The sandwiches are served on a beautiful bamboo steamer, a symbol of going back to nature. 61 more words