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Segments Announced for Tonight's WWE Raw Broadcast

Here are the segments advertised for tonight’s WWE Raw broadcast.

  • Seth Rollins returns to WWE Raw
  • WWE Woman’s Championship Celebration With Charlotte, Ric Flair & Dana Brooke…
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Souvenirs of Siqueiros

I just got back from a nine day trip to Mexico City. It was my first time there and I was excited to visit the museums, palaces, churches, and see art by notable Mexican Artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 184 more words


Strava Live segments now available on Mio Cyclo computers

Ride Strava Live Segments with Mio Cyclo™

MiTAC adds compatibility with new software update

London, UK – May 3rd 2016 MiTAC adds compatibility with Strava Live Segments in the new V4.4 software update for Mio™ Cyclo series, which is live as of today. 682 more words


Which one is best ? Filters or Segments for analysing specific data in Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics provide two types of functionalities to view your data as per your requirement.

“View Filters” & “Advanced Segments”. Let’s have a look at what they are & where should they be applied ? 267 more words

Google Analytics

The switchyard analogy: Managing anonymous user data to send relevant ads to proper destinations

Are Audience Profile Books and the Information Trust Exchange marketplace  like a railroad switchyard?

In a railroad switch yard trains come in from all over the place and box cars of goods are switched around and made up to different trains and then go on their way. 631 more words


Strava Segment Chasing. 

So last night I was sitting there enjoying a fine ale, watching some mindless TV when my phone dinged to say I had an email. Checked it to find that someone had dared to go out for a run in my village that evening a steal a CR which I had held since I Feb 2013 on a local road! 472 more words


Rick F Guyon- Measures of Central Tendency - Richard F Guyon

Measures of Central Tendency

It is often unnecessary to present the experimental data in their entirety, either in tabular or graphical form. In such cases, the data and distribution can be represented by various parameters. 187 more words