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Teen Writers 48.0

Forum for 48.0 featuring Teen Writers from Writers & Books Canvas Literary Journal and Victor High School’s Victor Voice Newspaper. Host Zoë Sullivan is joined by Guest Adult Co-Host Sally Bittner Bonn from Writers & Books to discuss the life of a teen writer.   16 more words


Relationships In High School 46.0

Forum 46.0  Host Zoe Sullivan talks with teens on location at IHS about Relationships in High School.


The Early Bird...

Annelid – coming from the Latin anellus, meaning “little ring”, is a large phylum of invertebrates. The main characteristics of these organisms are their segmented bodies.


SMOKE21 Youth News 46.0

Anchor Zoe Sullivan delivers the top news stories for episode 46.0 and in lieu of a discussion, supplies a “rant” for each one. Stories include Smoking Age Debate, the local Abuse by Teens of a Special Needs Student, and the local Prostitution Case of a 17-year-old. 16 more words


Advanced Segments

The next stage of development in Google Analytics Tips is Advanced Segment. This section covers Intro and built-in segments, Custom segments via the Segment Builder, A huge improvement and Sequenced Segments.

Google Analytics Tips

What Does Analytics Measure?

The next stage of development in Google Analytics Essential Training is What Does Analytics Measure? This section covers Defining goals and conversions: Why do you have a website?, Understanding data: Averages, segments, trends, and context, Introducing segments and Understanding Trends and context. 


News: Frankfurt Book Fair

From 14 to 18 October 2015. 

Here is where the entire industry gathers Here is where trends and new business segments are discovered Here you can take part i.e. 30 more words