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Segway Transport

Segway Inc., founded in the US by Dean Kamen in 1999, is synonymous with personal transportation on a level unlike anything we had seen before. When the Segway PT was unveiled in December of 2001, many people claimed it was the wave of the future. 458 more words

Future Furies

Big Auto Companies Think Small With Public E-Scooters

Short city travel all over the world is changing rapidly with the addition of pay-to-ride electric scooters. Are scooters here to stay, or will they fade away as fast as the Segway or are they going places? 321 more words

No tourist vehicles

This shows you how many different vehicules are using tourists nowadays!

Seen in Budapest, Hungary


Air trike, segway or paraglide

Honestly, I am glad Segway presented itself to me before paraglide :) I am still quite adventurous, but not sure sailing through the air without an engine after jumping off a cliff is my idea of fun at this point in my life! 115 more words


Segway Day at Tatton Park

This story starts on Saturday morning when I woke up super early before my Dad and his partner, Jill, came to my house to pick me up for a fun day out! 876 more words

Autumn sunshine.

It’s been a difficult month here, full of ups and downs, but today has been lovely. For Xmas we were given a voucher to go Segway riding and it’s only now that we have been able to fit it in. 176 more words

Days Out

Jimi Heselden

Jimi Heselden (March 27, 1948 – September 26, 2010)

James William “Jimi” Heselden was a British entrepreneur who made his fortune manufacturing the Hesco bastion barrier system (a collapsible wire mesh and fabric container used for building flood management and limiting erosion). 30 more words