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Rammstein - Sehnsucht



Please, folks, this band is more than “Du Hast.” Do you hear me? Rammstein is more than that one song that got huge airplay in the US. 46 more words



Sehnsucht…die Zeit verrinnt…

unaufhörlich und unwiederbringlich…

sind wir uns begegnet im Strom der Zeit…

Tatius Steinmetz


Right words on the wrong side

Words are keys. There is satisfaction in opening a gate by using the right key, in discovering that feelings have labels, and terms have meanings. Someone has a way with words, we say casually, often missing the metaphor: that to go through everyday life is to navigate in a jungle of things and ideas, and that the reason we are fond of people who use words well is that they help us find our own path. 807 more words

Life In General

Melancholy - Reflective Blog Entry #3

This reflective blog entry deviates from the unit context and scope, though it still embodies the essence of it; introspection, reflection. I must warn you, some of the sentences/grammatical structures might be a bit ambiguous.  684 more words

BRD209 Reflective Blog


She waited, as the evening
Waits for silver laughter.
She waited as the winter
Longs for dripping water.
She waited. Others left her,
Went riding far and wandering: 52 more words



ausencias inexcusables

solamente acompañada

a ratos de mi firmeza

y siempre de mi esperanza

– E. Seligson

The hidden tears with which we claim self-control…

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