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William Thomas (Happy 3rd Birthday!)

A few days ago was this little dude’s third birthday. Today, my family is gathered to celebrate Willie T and his super rad parents. I really miss my family and days like this make me miss them even more – I guess it’s a little bit of that sehnsucht I felt the day Willie was born. 690 more words

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A Poetic Début on Wordpress: Sehnsucht

Good evening, most esteemed ladies and gentlemen!

It is with the greatest pleasure that I, your humble servant, may be able to present to you my début poem on wordpress. 782 more words


#TRAVEL // Heimweh - Die etwas andere Sehnsucht

Geschäftsreisende, Kinder auf Klassenfahrt oder Studenten: Jeden kann das Heimweh plötzlich überkommen. Aber was tut man denn, wenn sie erst mal da ist, diese komische Sehnsucht nach etwas, das man eben noch als vollig überdrüssig empfunden und hinter sich gelassen hat? 553 more words


When nostalgia isn't helpful

“In nostalgia, one sacrifices the present and the possibility of the future as one squats in the past. Nostalgia implies that God is present in one moment and not another, or more perniciously, that one prefers to be in a previous, unlivable moment more than the one God has brought them to now . 162 more words

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Wordle #120 “September 12th, 2016”

A cinematic drift,
an appellation voiced without consent,
a feint of predilection.
From umbilicus to navel
we exchange ourselves.

Sehnsucht is the only future left. 55 more words


On the pursuit of control

“For more than five hundred years, Western culture has been shaped by the dream of achieving control of an allegedly purposeless nature. But many contemporary thinkers believe that such confidence is waning. 159 more words

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The Allure of Fantasy

I love the fantasy genre – it’s epic, noble, and beautiful, with larger-than-life characters who, though perhaps complex, are often represented by archetypes that have resonated with us for centuries. 388 more words