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Es ist wieder soweit

Nachdem ich fast ein ganzes Jahr nichts von mir hören ließ, werde ich die Zeit nutzen um weitere Blogs zu schreiben.
Ich war auf Reisen und habe mich um vieles gekümmert was in den letzten Jahren auf der Strecke meines Lebens unbeachtet blieb. 15 more words

Irgendwo Wartest Du

Auf schwarzen Sohlen
gehe ich meinen Weg
krieche mal bald tanze ich
und blicke zurück 
habe die Steigung genommen
wie braune Schlangen gewunden
in die Vergangenheit… 135 more words


Wanderlust, escape and compromise.

Wanderlust has developed rather stronger connotations than in the original German where it meant just ‘liking hiking’. It may be closer to a compulsion to travel, a trait that in its extreme form is called dromomania – a term used to describe people who have an irrepressible emotional or even physical need to be constantly traveling and experiencing new places, often at the expense of their normal family, work, and social lives. 900 more words

Albert Camus

Feeling "Sehnsucht"

Sehnsucht. Isn’t that a great word?! There’s something kind of soft and gentle and feminine about the first syllable, and that last syllable sounds like something a salty-tongued handyman might shout as he crushes his thumb with a misplaced hammer. 425 more words

Christian Science

We Were Made For Another World: Reflections On The Weight of Glory

Last week, I went on vacation to a rustic cabin on a lake in the Adirondaks along with my extended family. Most of what we did there consisted mostly of sitting on our porch with a hot drink in our hands and a blanket wrapped around our shoulders. 218 more words

C.S. Lewis

Currently showing: "Sehnsucht" by Axel Void at BC Gallery in Berlin

This Saturday is your last chance to see Axel Void‘s “Sehnsucht” at BC Gallery in Berlin.
The exhibition consists of a series of paintings and videos created for the occasion and based on the concept of Sehnsucht, the German word for nostalgia. 228 more words