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Sehnsucht: A Conversation

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


Sehnsucht f ‎(genitive Sehnsucht, plural Sehnsüchte)

  1. yearning, longing (wistful or melancholy desire)
  2. desire
  3. wishfulness

Where has it gone, Mr. Kind? 1,392 more words

Why is Sehnsucht an important concept in Landscape Photography?


  Sehnsucht is a Germanic language word with no complete English translation. It means longing or to yearn, combined with a desire for something missing. Often, the yearning pervades the person and is interpreted as a state of malaise. 416 more words

Raymond Moore

the things i cannot tell you

I miss you.  I miss you rather desperately.  Yes, we still talk and text constantly, but it isn’t the same as when you were here and I was wrapped in your arms.  381 more words

von der frustration

ich war eben im fitnessstudio. ich bilde mir ja nach wie vor ein, wenn ich viel sport mache und wenig esse, bekomme ich so einen körper, der irgendeinen anderen mann vielleicht wenigstens interessiert. 517 more words

The Traveller

I couldn’t see anything when I came back the first time. There was a man, but I didn’t know him, not really, except that he was dangerous and soft and when he whispered in my neck I ceased to exist. 695 more words


2.30 uhr

Frei, wild, ohne Sorgen

Watscheln sie vergnügt in den Morgen

Wie verlegen sie nebeneinander stehen

Und sich dabei in die Augen sehen.

Oh, du verwegene Jugend… 79 more words