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सहवाग की कमेंट्री वाली ये फोटो हुई वायरल और आए Funny कमेंट्स

टीम इंडिया के दिग्गज खिलाड़ी वीरेंद्र सहवाग अक्सर ही अपने ट्वीट को लेकर सुर्खियों में रहते है। इनके कई ट्वीट से सोशल मीडिया पर बवाल भी मच चुका है और कई ऐसे मजेदार ट्वीट भी हैं जिसे पढ़कर सभी फैंस के चेहरे पर मुस्कान आ जाती है। उनका यही अंदाज लाइव कमेंट्री में भी देखने को मिलता हैं।


Flat-track bullies - An addendum

A reader of this statistical organ has written in re. Steven Smith: The myth of the flat-track bully (3 January 2017).

Dear Sirs,

Really interesting, Mr Life.

296 more words

10 Hillarious Tweets from Sehwag!

Virender Sehwag has been as entertaining in his second innings as he was in his first. His approach of ‘See ball, hit ball’ has not changed a bit even in retirement. 353 more words

300 Club

Sanctity of the Cut Shot

To me, it is one of the only shots in a batsman’s repertoire that assures him that he might be in for big one today. The casualness of it all deceives the public as to how much goes in to the shot. 646 more words

Cricket, larger than life !

As a kid,never did I realise that Cricket will be an integral part of my life.
Not just does it bring back those nostalgic gully Cricket childhood memories but paves way to a meaningful life ahead. 525 more words


Virender Sehwag - A Complete Entertainer!

King of Entertainment

Remember the days when Viru used to hammer the ball from the very first ball itself ?? From being a most explosive batsman of India to Most Loved Twitter Celebrity & Hindi Commentator. 234 more words

Viru show his funny side with Yogeshwar's upgrade

After 4 years, Yogeshwar Dutt’s Bronze Medal in 2012 Olympics is being upgraded to Silver. This upgrade was declared after the late Besik Kudukhov (60kg) of Russia was tested positive for doping, reported Flo Wrestling. 89 more words