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George Constanza: Idea man

Seinfeld is my most favorite show of all time. I have all the seasons on DVD and have watched them (with the notes about nothing subtitles) many, many times. 307 more words


A Brilliant Person Created A Mashup Of Radiohead And The 'Seinfeld' Theme Music

The theme song to Seinfeld never had words, but someone was bound to figure out a way to give it lyrics. Fortunately for us, we live in the Age of the Internet, so that person would have a way to… 87 more words


"Miscellaneous Observations and Musings" (Pt 1)

1) ” I used to be indecisive. Now? I’m not so sure—-”
2) ” “I used to have an anger problem. Now? I just DONT F#CKIN CARE!” 195 more words


What a Weird, Whacky Business!!

There is a reason most people won’t do stand up comedy for a living. They’re SMART!

Scientists have recently discovered a part of the brain that causes one to become a stand up comic. 548 more words


Love Links

  • What if we treated teachers like sports stars?
  • Ever wonder how your state stacks up to others in cost of living? Here‘s what $100 gets you all across the country.
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Love Links

Here's the Radiohead-Seinfeld mashup you've always wanted.

Please enjoy this mashup of Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung” and the Seinfeld theme — or, a mashup about nothing.

To quote one Redditer, “What’s the deal with Radiohead? 11 more words