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Connect While There is Time...

Time is so confusing. It seems to go so slowly when we are waiting for something to happen and trying to honor that “time takes time.” Yet, in actuality, it goes by so fast. 1,474 more words

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets - Jerry Poised To Make It Big

Few people around the world with access to a television are unaware of who Jerry Seinfeld is. After all, the show named after him is perhaps the most iconic sitcom to ever be on television. 23 more words

Aging Out....

If you’re a middle-aged parent of young adults or teenagers then you’ve probably noticed the great divide between yourself and the younger generation. And, it’s not just lifestyle, fashion (visible bra straps and pants falling down), body art (tattoos and piercings), music, and entertainment (What is it with “The Walking Dead?”) as these things seem to plague every generation.   502 more words


Calm. Relax. Peace. 

Crazed and hectic. That sums up my last few weeks. But tonight…tonight was not.

I turned off the laptop at 5:30pm. I was trying to work on a postcard, and my brain just wasn’t in it. 142 more words

February 22 Trivia Rankings

If you weren’t at trivia this week, you were probably at an ACC game. I mean, that’s got to be the only reason you weren’t there, right? 157 more words

Tomato Jake's

A Millennial Reviews: 'Seinfeld', a Send-Up of the Clintonian Liberal Elite

(Previously on “A Millennial Reviews“)

“To me, that which is generally called the ultimate aim of socialism is nothing” – Eduard Bernstein

I’m a leftist now. 1,000 more words