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Donna Chang 

Me: “With everything going on in our country right now, I’m honestly just so horrified and saddened as a human in general– but as a Jew in particular, as I know you can relate–” 87 more words

Being Awkward/Dumb Stuff I Do

“What’s The Deal With That!?” Learning Dialogue From Seinfeld.

Dialogue is tricky, you try and be innovative and you either end up dead on the nose, or sounding like your characters are starring in their own lifetime day show. 573 more words

Eritas Exclusive Pre-Release Book Review: Jerry Seinfeld’s "The Seinfeld Solution"

Later this month, Jerry Seinfeld will be releasing a self-published self-help book, The Seinfeld Solution. With a few well-placed Bee Movie-related flatteries, I was able to secure a copy of what can only be described as a literary masterpiece for a pre-release review. 700 more words

Good leaders eat last

I often don’t eat at work. More often than not, I skip lunch entirely. I have a stickie right by the side of my office door that states “don’t forget food.” The stickie doesn’t really work. 478 more words


Happy Monday

It’s Monday. It’s time to wake up from the weekend (literally and metaphorically).

It’s time for TCB.

TCB: That Creative Brainstorm. There’s no better way to start the workweek. 16 more words

Learning from Seinfeld

When watching the TV series, Seinfeld, on one of my many rewatches of this timeless series, I sometimes go back to front, i.e., new seasons first, then old seasons. 281 more words


Hideki Irabu

On 7 August 2017, the same day that Godzilla actor Haruo Nakajima died, Sports Illustrated published an issue featuring a story about former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu, whose disastrous fall from grace ended in his apparent suicide on 24 July 2011. 350 more words