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If Rebecca Sugar grew up watching Seinfeld

This is an edit of Rebecca Sugar’s infamous “Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Already Dead.” I made it a while ago. Why did I make this? 152 more words

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12) The Contest (Seinfeld)

Choking the chicken. Never Never Land tourism. Flogging the dolphin. Beating the meat.  Rubbing one out. Rubbing one in. Polishing the pearl. Ménage à moi. Visiting the Bat Cave. 1,531 more words

100 Greatest Episodes

The Best Seinfeld Episodes

Nick Digilio and listeners add and react to this list of the best Seinfeld episodes.

To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our… 32 more words

Nick Digilio

Nerdwriter1 Youtube Channel

It’s one of my latest finding and it is totally an amazing channel. The way he examines the subject matter, the class and quality of his videos, his presentation skills,the in-depth analysis he makes…all these and much more make me feel that i have improved as a human just by watching his videos..I truly think this for his channel and i totally recommend you his work. 23 more words


Airlines To Scan Digital History To Price Your Ticket

According to a recent article, USA Today reports that with advanced tech, your future flight reservation prices will depend on how the airline feels about you. 105 more words


The oldies channel is really growing on me there’s some good stuff on here…

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