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The Hillary Dance

Whoever advised Hillary to dance on stage should be shot.  However, if they specifically told her to reinvent “The Elaine”–that person is the new David Axelrod. 82 more words


You're Not As Bad At Breakups As George Costanza Is


Many people consider Seinfeld a comedy, but they’re wrong. Despite its masturbation wagers, yodeling belly buttons, Newmania, and other hilarious moments, the show was clearly a work of fantasy.  960 more words


The Opposite of What You Were Going to Write

I’ll start with an inconvenient truth, we think in clichés. I’d guess that about half of our daily thoughts are clichés. We are either rethinking our own overused thoughts or rethinking society’s overused notions and opinions. 314 more words


Project 56 : What IS the deal with airplane food? (Prose)

For years I’ve lamented the old Seinfeld joke, “what’s the deal with airplane food.” I’ve argued with Jerry, in my head of course. “What’s the big idea Jerry? 1,790 more words


Adventures in Rome

My first trip overseas was to Italy. My husband and I were celebrating our 10th anniversary by traveling through Italy and ending up in… 714 more words


Seinfeld-themed pop-up bar coming to Toronto

TORONTO – One of Toronto’s hottest new bars has a wait list of nearly 15,000 people, and  it doesn’t open for about five months.

The decor is pretty bland, and the menu is limited. 145 more words


Seinfeld Pop-up bar Coming to TO!!

You, better believe it, buddy! This summer Toronto has a brand new pop-up bar, a pop-up bar about nothing. Rumour is you’ll even be given a bro and a pair of white Nike sneakers upon entry (I… 185 more words

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