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Pre-race interviews are tricky things. Though regularly scheduled at most road races and track meets, I’ve always found them to be of limited use.  Maybe I’m just a poor interrogator, but I’ve always likened the experience to a trip to the dentist, with me being the dentist and the athletes in the role of reluctant patients as I try to pull teeth, or in their case information out.  447 more words


Saus' Weekly Top 10: Jerry's Girls.

Fictional Jerry Seinfeld dated upwards of sixty women during the entire nine-season run of Seinfeld. Some were definitely keepers, others not so much. From man-hands to speed dial obsessions, each had their quirks, but they were all memorable in their own way. 722 more words


Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is The Recipient Of The 2018 Mark Twain Prize For Humor

The Kennedy Center announced that Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be the recipient of the 2018 Mark Twain Prize for Humor. The actress will be the sixth female recipient of the award, following in the footsteps of greats like Carol Burnett, Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Lily Tomlin. 334 more words

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A day off (sorta)

N reminded me about the Singapore Airlines promotion that was in the CBD today, and he only remembered because he walked past their stall on his way to work this morning 😆 They were showcasing their new business and first class seats on their new planes. 610 more words


Everyone Else Likes But Not Me

I’ve watched these shows over and over as not to give a first impression in my brain but came to the same conclusion, I didn’t like them. 151 more words

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I Blame Seinfeld

I blame Seinfeld.

Someone has to be blamed.

My kids watched as they grew up. My wife watched. I tried not to. There was the hapless George: no shabbier soul ever sullied a screen. 334 more words