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Hackaday Prize Entry: Device for Seismic Noise Analysis

Whenever there is an earthquake somewhere in the world, our TV screens fill with images of seismic data. Those news report graphics with simplified bite-sized diagrams that inform the masses, but usually get something wrong.  77 more words

2017 Hackaday Prize

Charles Richter's Scale

People like to compare things so we can wrap our minds around difficult concepts and events. For instance, there have long been means of comparing the severity of hurricanes and tornadoes.  580 more words


Correlation does not imply causation.. but it does give you a hint

This is just a short note on plotting a correlation matrix using the seaborn package within Python. I’ve found that this is the best way of showing the similarity between arrays to people who are unfamiliar with correlations. 520 more words


A magic cloak of earthquake protection

The editor thought Harry Potter was so last decade, so this Cosmos article got majorly changed.  Thought the original wasn’t bad though…


Harry Potter’ invisibility cloak might just have been trumped by a French team, who aim to make entire buildings invisible. 827 more words


Gutenberg-Richter and fish?

This post is for explaining the basics behind two key statistical seismology terms: Gutenberg-Richter and Poisson distributions.


The Gutenberg-Richter law is a relationship which every seismologist knows – for those who are not so aware (like me just over a year ago), it refers to an expression which relates the total number of earthquakes in any given region to the magnitude, by the following equation: 722 more words


Introduction to Genetics Algorithm (GA) (Part 2)

To find a basic introduction of GA, the first part can be found here.

III. Examples using Genetics Algorithm

In these examples, we will use Matlab and its function… 291 more words