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A Captured Earthquake

By Matt A. Barr

At 8:42 am local time on September 5, 2012, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the Nicoya peninsula on Costa Rica’s west coast. 988 more words

Google adds recent earthquake info to its search results

If you live anywhere near an earthquake zone (hello, San Francisco!), chances are you’ve occasionally wondered whether what you felt was an earthquake or just the rumbling of a heavy truck driving by (or whether it was a minor nearby earthquake or a big one farther away). 247 more words


Far From Silent: A Brief Overview of Earthquakes in Shropshire

It has always interested me, the thought of earthquakes in the UK.

You hear the stories, in newspapers and on TV, of these monster earthquakes tearing down buildings and destroying populations in a matter of minutes, and you think to yourself “that would never happen here”… but earthquakes do happen in Britain. 1,067 more words


PDR Position - Durham


Postdoctoral Researcher on modelling global volatile cycling and mantle dynamics




21st May 2016


We seek a postdoctoral researcher with geodynamical modelling experience to study the volatile exchange between the deep Earth and the exosphere and the related secular evolution of mantle dynamics using spherical numerical 3D mantle dynamics models. 186 more words


Post-Graduate Newsletter

Check out the new edition of the Post-Graduate Newsletter here.


Will The Southeastern US See More Earthquakes? What The Science Is Telling Us

Mineral, Virginia, is a tiny town even most Virginians had never heard of until 2011, when it was at the epicenter of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled Washington, D.C.,  which caused $300 million worth of damage, and was felt across the Eastern Seaboard. 276 more words


Media Coverage of the Earthquake Forum

Earthquake report spurs retrofitting of old buildings in Nevada
Story from Reno Gazette Journal, April 25, 2016
By Scott Sonner, Associated Press

“A new report raising the likelihood of a destructive earthquake striking Salt Lake City in the next half-century has underscored the urgency to retrofit more than 30,000 older brick homes and other unreinforced buildings at high risk of collapsing. 278 more words