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nBOSS deployment diary: week 4

Everyone had very long days on Saturday so we had a leisurely start on Sunday morning. After breakfast I headed to the Gaya St market in search of a Mount Kinabalu souvenir t-shirt and managed to find a suitably garish gold glittery one. 1,402 more words


The Reign of Strain Isn't Very Plain

Having just remembered the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake brings to mind Harry Fielding Reid’s model of elastic rebound for earthquakes developed from observations of that 1906 quake. 1,147 more words


nBOSS deployment diary: week 3

It was lovely to wake up to a cool and sunny morning in the jungle. After breakfast we set off from Nepenthes camp back towards Agathis camp on the edge of the basin. 1,468 more words


Africa is Splitting in Two — Here’s Why

Google Earth. Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO

By Lucia Perez Diaz, Royal Holloway, The Conversation

A large crack, stretching several kilometres, made a sudden appearance recently in south-western Kenya. 1,115 more words

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The New York Times has a very nice piece on the risks of high rises in San Francisco.  And although the story focuses on San Francisco, the issues brought up apply as well to Los Angeles (which, for a very long time, forbid any building to be taller than 13 stories, the exception being city hall). 661 more words

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Guest Video: Early Earthquake Warning Systems

You may have heard of earthquake warning systems. Here is how one of them works.

In that example, people in Palm Springs and along the line of the spreading rupture are out of luck, but the system definitely helps communities farther away. 144 more words


Is Kenya (and Africa) splitting in two?

This is from the BBC:

A crack that opened up in Kenya’s Rift Valley, damaging a section of the Narok-Nairobi highway, is still growing…🇰🇪 pic.twitter.com/Uzjs3H8Lp2…

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