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Field Notes: Ethiopia 2.0

Rough-backed mountains with strange straight-sided peaks and pinnacles of rock recede into the misty distance, and the umbilical thread of what will be the world’s longest river spills out of a round-bellied lake. 876 more words


New Live Seismograph Display

A year or so ago, I upgraded my seismograph software from the original IRIS AmaSeis program to an upgraded version based on Java called jAmaSeis… 418 more words


Discovery of hidden earthquake presents challenge to earthquake early-warning systems

Seismologists studying the 2011 Chile earthquake have discovered a previously undetected earthquake that took place seconds after the initial rupture. This newly discovered phenomena, which they called a `closely-spaced doublet,’ presents a challenge to earthquake and tsunami early warning systems as it increases the risk of larger-than-expected tsunamis in the aftermath of a typical subduction earthquake.

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Six Days, Three Earthquakes

It’d been a while since I’d felt an earthquake. On Wednesday, I felt the first one in a long time.

Wednesday’s was felt at the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo. 99 more words


The New Madrid Earthquakes, by James Penick, Jr.: A Short Review

When you think of earthquakes in the United States, do you tend to think of Missouri?

“The earthquakes began about two o’clock on the morning of Monday, 16 December 1811.”

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Moonquakes and Marsquakes:

Scientists have identified four classifications of moonquakes: deep moonquakes, thermal moonquakes, meteroid impacts, and shallow moonquakes.


Tsunami Advisory in Japan Following 8.3 Magnitude Chile Earthquake

Wow. This was a first. My phone made a very loud warning sound at 3:06 am, and it turned out to be a tsunami advisory. 106 more words