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Day 06 | A Peculiar Earthquake?

We visited the Seismology Group at Nepal’s Department of Geology and had the opportunity to discuss the events with local seismologists. They were, like we were, excited about the very peculiar effect that these earthquakes have had. 185 more words

The silver bullet that ricocheted

[W]e note that if  were as ubiquitous as theory implies, then the interpretation of seismological observations of any hot, solid regions of Earth based on single crystal elasticity would require a significant revision.-

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Earth Science

Visualizing 100 Years of Earthquakes

My last post was about the 1960 Chile megathrust earthquake, and how much energy it released (about 1/3 of all seismic energy on earth over the last 100 years). 321 more words

Landscape's Memory

Recently it’s struck me that human beings and animals aren’t the only ones with a memory. If there can be such a thing as inorganic memories, then surely some landscapes are proof that there’s a kind of memory in stone, shale, sand, and even soil… though perhaps not! 290 more words


The 1960 Chile Earthquake Released Almost a Third of All Global Seismic Energy in the Last 100 Years

I just saw a trailer for the movie San Andreas. It looks preposterous but I love geology disaster movies, so I’ll probably see it. In the film, a series of earthquakes destroy California, culminating with a giant magnitude 9.5 quake. 496 more words

differential equations seismology - Google Search

differential equations seismology – Google Search.

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