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Multiple scattering theory for polycrystalline materials with strong grain anisotropy: theoretical fundamentals and applications

multiple scattering theory for polycrystalline materials with strong grain anisotropy

This work is a natural extension of the author’s previous work: “Multiple scattering theory for heterogeneous elastic continua with strong property fluctuation: theoretical fundamentals and applications” (arXiv:1706.09137 ), which established the foundation for developing multiple scattering model for heterogeneous elastic continua with either weak or strong fluctuations in mass density and elastic stiffness. 437 more words

Scattering Of Elastic Waves

Layers of Solid Earth

Hi Guys, Today we learn about layers in our solid earth. As we all know that earth is composed of three primary layers, the top most layer… 243 more words


Writing NetCDF4 Data using Python

For how to read a netCDF data, please refer to the previous post. Also, check the package and tools required for writing the netCDF data, check the page for… 874 more words


Reading NetCDF4 Data in Python

In Earth Sciences, we often deal with multidimensional data structures such as climate data, GPS data. It ‘s hard to save such data in text files as it would take a lot of memory as well as it is not fast to read, write and process it. 1,647 more words


Q+A: Are the Earthquakes in Mexico Related?

Can one earthquake beget another?

In just 11 days, two severe earthquakes have struck Mexico. The first occurred off the country’s coast near the state of Chiapas… 646 more words

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Seismometer scouting in Sabah

In August I headed to Sabah again for a few weeks to help with scouting for sites to put seismometers across north Borneo. These instruments will be deployed as part of a project to image the structure of the crust and mantle beneath Sabah, hopefully leading to better understanding of the tectonic processes that have shaped this part of the world. 1,296 more words