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Animation of the Italy Earthquake's Seismic Velocity

A “real-time” animation of the seismic (vertical) velocity of Italy’s 5.5 Mw earthquake that hit between the Aquila and Rieti provinces. The second half of the animation shows the whole country and surrounding area. 55 more words


More on Microseisms

The previous post gave me some confidence to suspect that storms in the north Atlantic basin may give rise to much of the microseism activity I see on my seismograph. 221 more words


Sound of the Moving Earth

What do you think an earthquake would sound like if you could hear it?

Here’s a sample (opens in a new tab).


The audio was generate by processing seismic data. 98 more words


Groundbreaking year of earthquakes

by Jordan Pennells

If I were to ask you how many of the Top 50 highest mountains in the world are located in Asia, what would it be? 747 more words


The sound of earthquakes

During the last days before christmas, our¬†graduate program¬†organized a public speaking workshop at the university. During these days we spent some time training interviews and we had some lectures on preparing for… 249 more words


Travel-time curve calculation for the Spherical Earth (PREM Model)

I have used the Preliminary Reference Earth Model of Dziewonski and Anderson (1981) to calculate the travel time curve. This model is very robust in the sense that it is designed to fit a wide variety of data including free-oscillation, surface wave dispersion observations, , travel time data for a number of body wave phases etc. 2,146 more words

Utpal Kumar (IES, Academia Sinica)


The seismometers were nestled all snug in their beds

With most of the field dirt removed from their heads…

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