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A little afternoon earthquake!

There we were, just getting ready for our afternoon walk, when there was a rumbling and deep thump, as if a heavy construction truck had hit the side of the house. 186 more words


Lake Tahoe Underwater Researchers Unveil Findings

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (AP) — Over the course of a month, members of the Undersea Voyager Project have made 58 submersible dives and 33 scuba dives below the cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake to train for an upcoming circling of the world’s oceans. 677 more words


Fall Poetry 2016: Honorable Mention, "Seismology" by Marian Shapiro

We had an enormous number of excellent submissions for our Fall Poetry 2016 Contest, which gave us the delightful opportunity to name several Honorable Mentions. We are excited to present one of these Honorable Mentions, which are in no particular order. 137 more words


Travel time curve calculation for spherical, isotropic, homogeneous Earth model

A travel time curve is a graph of the time it takes a seismic ray to reach the station from an earthquake versus the distance of the earthquake to the station (epicentral distance). 460 more words


From COSMOS: " 'Locked, loaded and ready to roll': San Andreas fault danger zones"


05 December 2016
Kate Ravilious

The Carrizo Plain in eastern San Luis Obispo County, California, contains perhaps the most strikingly graphic portion of the San Andreas fault. 1,994 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Meet the... Seismologist

Name: Harriet Godwin
Age: 24
Year of study: 2
Department: Department of Earth Sciences
Research Group: Seismology Group

What are you researching: In my research, I use the seismic waves generated by earthquakes to image the Earth’s interior. 381 more words

Current Feature

This Is Exactly how Fracking Could Trigger Quakes

An employee changes well heads throughout a time out in the water pumping stage at the website of a hydraulic fracturing procedure in Colorado. (Photo: AP) 44 more words