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A Crack in the Edge of the World by Simon Winchester

I like to think of myself as a bit of an armchair geologist, especially since most of my days now are spent traversing the land of our country, where history abounds in the ground beneath our feet. 210 more words

Five Stars

April 21, 2015

Hello everybody! We are in the middle of our last bit of operations, and so far so good. We have a really special treat today on this blog with Christine Peirce taking the helm to explain the science. 915 more words

Cayman Trough

Field Notes: Oklahoma

Oklahoma might not seem like a first choice for a spring break getaway, but sun, warmth, and the outdoors make for a good spring break, even if you have to spend it working. 737 more words

Fracking Leading to Earthquakes in Oklahoma

The New Yorker has a detailed, well-researched article on how the process used for the disposal of waste water from fracking operations in the Mid-West is likely causing a profusion of man-made earthquakes. 73 more words

Nature And The Environment

Nature better than tech? You don't say!

Once again scientists are looking to animals to help them predict earthquakes.

Plain Good

Epicenter - 30 Days Of Worldwide Earthquakes

Happy to report I successfully published a new app on the Apple app store yesterday.  It’s free and fun and works on the iPad and the iPhone.   112 more words