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The Sheriff Shows Willful Disregard for Public Safety Preparing for Strike

At a time where the nation is questioning if officers have enough training to cope with certain crises, if their constitution is challenged enough at the door via academy and field training to weed out those who don’t fully qualify, if we are giving them the tools and support to make sure that our officers are able to best handle the situations they encounter…. 953 more words

Local Politics

Strike Averted For Thousands Of Santa Clara County Employees With Tentative 4-Year Deal

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (CBS SF) — Santa Clara County officials and union leaders struck a tentative four-year deal, which averts a strike Tuesday morning, according to the Service Employees International Union Local 521. 117 more words


9,000 Santa Clara County Workers Threaten To Strike Over Labor Dispute, But Some Barred

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (CBS SF) — A court injunction filed by Santa Clara County Monday has barred about 500 employees from participating in a strike set for Tuesday by a union representing about 9,000 of its workers. 364 more words


Shocker, not: No high-deductible CalPERS medical plan in California budget

Sacramento Bee: A proposal to add a low-cost, high-deductible plan to the state’s menu of medical insurance options was left out of the budget that Gov. 311 more words


Today’s News & Commentary — June 24, 2015

Airport workers are fighting for—and winning—contracts that guarantee higher wages. The Washington Post’s Lydia DePillis writes that the Philadelphia City Council signed a lease with several airlines that requires a wage increase for airport workers to $12 per hour. 516 more words

On Labor

Union Update: Getting to ZERO.

Friends, as many of you know, last spring I helped organize the adjunct (part-time) faculty at Hamline University. Last June (exactly one year ago), we voted overwhelmingly–about 77% “yes”–to form a union. 1,171 more words

Today's News & Commentary --- June 19, 2015

Tech companies, true to form, are pushing to break new ground, this time in employment law.  According to Caroline O’Donovan at Buzzfeed, in light of ongoing lawsuits and the California Labor Commission’s… 473 more words

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