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Ellison joins home care worker on the job, reaffirms support of Fight for $15

Clara Nakumbe is fighting for $15 an hour, but the Minneapolis resident doesn’t work in a fast-food restaurant or behind the scenes at the airport. She works in her own home, providing round-the-clock care for her son Siran, who lives with a severe form of multiple sclerosis. 428 more words


The History of My Hitherto Life: Hello Diary, Hello World

Dear Diary,

Well, I guess I decided to start this diary.

Why? Maybe I have a lot on my mind that I want to share. Maybe I want to see if there are others out there who feel the same way I do about different aspects of organizing. 630 more words


NFM Works: Robin Sowards, NFM VP

One of a series highlighting what our Officers and Board Members are up to when you’re not looking.

Robin Sowards, Ph.D., NFM Vice President

In addition to being an adjunct lecturer who teaches English Composition and Linguistics at several Pittsburgh area universities, Robin is also a researcher and organizer for the United Steelworkers, who were chosen by… 246 more words


Weekend News & Commentary --- August 7–8, 2015

The latest procedural hurdle for plaintiffs in O’Connor v. Uber might be the toughest one to clear yet. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen heard arguments on whether (and when) he should certify a class in the case (previously discussed by… 908 more words

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: SEIU Befriending Franchisees

We have reported on the SEIU’s campaign for $15-an-hour wages for fast food workers. Seeking to have franchisees pay nearly twice the minimum wage for historically minimum wage work is not the way to befriend fast food franchisees. 409 more words


It's The Power, Stupid

I keep thinking about Thomas Piketty and the relentlessly increasing degree of wealth and income inequality he describes.  Every month when a new report comes out and news anchors talk about the state of our economy, the story is, “Our economy is doing better, but wage rates are lagging.”  The working class is going back to work, but they’re not being paid as much for their work.  1,369 more words


Unity Hospital workers go union after voting under new NLRB rules

About 350 workers at Unity Hospital in Fridley voted yesterday to join SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, the union announced today. The new bargaining unit includes nursing assistants, dietary aides, environmental services aides, patient care technicians and other positions. 467 more words