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Day 1447: Life is short

Yesterday, the wonderful Kathy at cardiac rehab said to me

Life is short

when we were discussing my long-lived wish to live the rest of my short life near a beautiful body of water.

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Personal Growth

This Moment

Today was very busy. I made breakfast, washed two loads of clothes, cleaned the foyer, dusted a bit, separated gifts, folded clothes, cleaned kitchen, turned around to dirty dishes with making lunch, drove my daughter to meet a friend to see a play, made a real estate stop, came home and started making dinner, folded more clothes, cleaned up dinner, drove out to pick up daughter, shopped, bought my son shoes, played family game night, and now I sit at my computer listening to the last load of clothes tossing in washer. 278 more words

Resist! Whatever You Are Feeling Down Deep, I Say Resist!

I awoke this morning with an urge

It was an urge that began two weeks ago, and I suppressed it and it left almost immediately. But it never left. 841 more words


Saying Good-bye to a Little Piece of History

I was reminded again this week of the necessity of seizing the moment because you never know when a situation will change and the moment will be gone forever. 532 more words

Savour the Moment | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 26

It is so easy in this fast paced world to stuff every moment with doing. And in the process, forget about the being. Present. Conscious. Connected — to the food we eat, the places we sit,┬áthe people we’re with. 274 more words

Acts Of Grace