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I'm Totally Over Your Stupid Motivational Quotes

Don’t tell me that the moment is NOW and that I’m a BAD-ASS BITCH. That’s not really what I need to hear right now. Sure, time is precious and I should be more confident, but getting myself out of this grey slumber of depression and anxiety is taking up enough of my mental energy at the moment to take any sort of action on achieving my dreams. 578 more words

aubade (enjoy your bath)

soft had been the first foot to cross the threshold that year
so in her honour he dabbed whiff behind his stale ears
and tho’ he weren’t dish enough to possess an std… 328 more words


Working In A Hospice: What I've Learned About Living Through People Who Are Dying

“People don’t expect you to feel in any way lucky when you have a terminal cancer diagnosis, but I am. I’m so lucky. I absolutely treasure every tiny moment. 517 more words

Carpe diem

Despite having a terminal disease, I’ve experienced some of the greatest happiness of my life during the past year. I feel as though I am young again, with each day filled with keenly-felt wonder and enjoyment. 607 more words

Living Well

The graduate

 I delivered my bachelor’s thesis about three days ago and ever since I clicked the button that said “deliver” I had absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to do. 687 more words

J & The World

Daily prompt: Whatever

Daily Prompt
Land of Confusion
Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!
61 more words

September 2014 #1

The freedom I feel
It’s all so easy
With you, everything changes
And I never know what is coming
The surprise of life is all I know… 42 more words

2014 Poetry