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I knew you were someone very special
When I embraced your lovely smile today
I knew because of its perfect beauty
I wanted more moments like this to stay… 307 more words



Why do the days all seem the same
When the morning sunlight comes
Why do I awaken with a dreadful fear
The same result will be its outcome… 240 more words

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14 - Belgium: Seizing the Moment and Life's Second Chances.

     I’m writing this on an airplaine, with less than an hour away from landing in Belgium: or also known as possibly one of my most favourite countries to visit yet 😄 and it’s probably no surprise to any of my friends back home that I’m travelling here: my friends got fed up hearing me gloat over how good Speculoos is 😂 464 more words


Earlier this week we decided to take the kids fishing… if you can call it that.

Actually, we sacrificed hooks and softbait to the sea gods in exchange for a few bits of sea weed (which we respectfully and graciously returned). 667 more words

Personal Growth


MY LIFE IS MORE THAN BREASTMILK AND NAPPIES – but sometimes I forget that.

I was at a social gathering with our non-parent friends a while ago (I can’t bring myself to call it a party, because that sounds way too young and ragey) and since our littlest man has decided he only wants to hang out with us, he came along too.   1,385 more words

Personal Growth

I lost a poem

I lost a poem
on my way home
from work; I
lost it at the second
intersection, when the light
turned green, as the
shifty words folded… 11 more words


Weekly Reflections #4: Beyond the Past

                                                                                                        Entry No.4

Title of Post: Beyond the Past

The heat of the scorching sun radiated from above, onto my bare skin; the warm, gentle breeze on my face; I pressed my cold hands onto my bare thighs, just below my swimming trunks as I realized all these supposedly trivial sensations were becoming clear as day to me. 575 more words

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