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A Very Late Story

A Very Late Story
Mariana Coppo
Flying Eye Books

Imagine opening a book and discovering that the first spread is virtually blank, save for a single sentence. 192 more words

Picture Books

The Little Things...

Hey, Y’all!

Have you ever stopped to admire the simple things in life? Like watching the wind blow through the trees or listening to the sound of the rain. 365 more words


Loved being in the New York Times last Monday

Considering the lousy reason I am mentioned in this article, it all worked out pretty well. Wells Fargo gave me back the money a fraudster tricked me out of, I experienced what it is like to be interviewed by a New York Times reporter, and I had the fun of working with a very cool photographer. 128 more words

Being Yourself

My former (and true) very weird job

Sometimes you just have to balance out the difficulties of being a grown up human being with a look at the absurdity of it all. Here’s a story I told recently at the West Chester Story Slam for the evening titled “It’s My Job.” Mine is about the time I worked as a research monitor for herpes studies. 20 more words

Being Yourself

There’s No Lid on the Box that is Your Comfort Zone

So let’s talk about our comfort zones! No one understands needing to have a routine more than I do. I am that person that annoyingly has to have a plan, a plan to map out the plan, and have all of the plans organized in a very particular way (I also have OCD issues but that’s a story for another blog post). 345 more words

Turning Procrastination Into Desire

In the minutes leading up to your lunch break or end of the day bell, signs of procrastination come forth.  To pass the time, there is a temptation to remain idle, delaying or loitering as much as possible without being noticed.  285 more words



I knew you were someone very special
When I embraced your lovely smile today
I knew because of its perfect beauty
I wanted more moments like this to stay… 307 more words