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Having a seizure is a very uncomfortable experience. It’s confusing, upsetting, inconvenient, frustrating, embarrassing, and can result in injury.

There isn’t a lot that can be said that is positive about experiencing a seizure, except that you soon find out who cares for you. 1,045 more words


Toronto writer’s story about stranger’s seizure on TTC goes viral

A Toronto writer’s experience on the TTC last week with a woman living with epilepsy is the topic of a thread on Twitter that is going viral. 662 more words


The Third Mile

If you look at my running stats, my slowest mile will always be the third one. I despise mile three. I’ve run 5Ks before but as a general rule, I don’t run three miles unless I’m in a race. 580 more words


Anger and Epilepsy: WHY ME?

Suddenly, you’re feeling edgy. Lashing out at loved ones for no reason at all. It’s not anybody’s fault. It’s that old familiar enemy. Epilepsy. Again. 544 more words


Prompt : special

Tyler stood within the red tile in the doctor’s waiting room, he stared with barely hidden disgust at the rug in the middle of the room. 139 more words

Young Adult

What is hypoxic brain injury? Can you recover from hypoxic brain injury?

WATCH THIS LIVE VIDEO of a Child with Hypoxic Brain Injury & Seizures and get all your answers here – 

5-55 [Seizure]: Electromagnetic wave is one of the choices for assassination

It is quite critical that the intelligence electromagnetic operation can cause a stroke, sometimes ended up with the death. As far as there is a unique frequency pattern or the specific frequency patter aggravates a symptom already existed in our body system, any human diseases can be created by the electromagnetic irradiation. 387 more words