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The Train and the Sailboat

“Those flashes, those twinkles,” Uncle Wardell explained, pausing to sip his coffee. He thought about it, gently shaking a finger at the night sky beyond his telescope. 170 more words

Short Stories

Something that sometimes scares me

Sometimes when my mother and I call my brother and he doesn’t immediately come out I get scared that something has happened to him.

I know it is irrational to think that way but I do. 117 more words

Appointment with Doom - Feb 2003

I don’t recall how long exactly it took for my biopsy appointment at Addenbrookes to come through, only that it felt like forever.  I felt then (and to my shame still do!) a foolish pride that my referral letter from the N&N described me as a charming 32 year old lady.  668 more words

An Abnormality - Jan 2003

I stayed in the N&N hospital for the next few days having tests.  Only 5 short months earlier I had given birth to Posy here.  Well not quite in here, rather she was delivered in the car park.  875 more words

After The Fact: Hopeful Encouragement

There is something I feel after I have a seizure.  It’s a feeling that’s similar to drinking really high caffeinated coffee (shout out to all my Doppio drinkers).  203 more words


A Hog a Day Part 13

With eons of sermons stretching out before me, life looked grim.  Occasionally, there was a bright spot.  Sometimes the preacher told a joke.   I truly enjoyed church music, especially if it was something lively, like “Onward Christian Soldiers” on the hymn list.   193 more words


6 months!!

6 months. 

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.. I’ve had personal things come up, I’ve been working on job opportunities. But as of today, (July 3, 2018)… 117 more words