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Where is the paper box?

Around a month ago, I had the pleasure of Jack going to bed around 11:30pm. What a surprise, & to think all it took was an increase in his sleep medicine. 1,241 more words


Incredibles 2! (A Seizure Problem)


Last week was my husband’s birthday and we decided to go see the brand new Incredibles 2! Before I go on, I will say that I absolutely loved it. 248 more words


Rule Number One

For our teachers and aides and support staff

If  you see, feel, smell, hear, taste or otherwise sense  something that you do not like or are pretty sure your child would not like – COMPLAIN. 414 more words


Over the past several weeks I have noticed a new pattern in the way Daniel speaks. He will now say a sentence, then repeat the last part in a whisper (in a whisper). 187 more words

David's story with Epilepsy

The seizures in my life that have brought with them pains that will never go away. They become a part of us, they journey the paths we take and go wherever we go in life. 2,003 more words


Atrocities at the Border

Rosaries taken from migrants at the Mexico border: Memories of piles of shoes and the holocaust!

Tom Kiefer was a Customs and Border Protection janitor for almost four years before he took a good look inside the trash. 110 more words