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Prof. Rajat Pundeer discusses Social Degradation

Rising crime in the society is a testament of degradation of moral values and falling conscience among citizens. This appears to be happening under the aegis of industrialisation, decaying political system and inefficient policing in the society. 221 more words

Prof. Surendra Negi talks about Holography

The word holography is derived from Greek which mean whole + write , it is a science of producing holograph .It is an advance form of photography that allow an image to be recorded in three dimensions. 167 more words


SelaQui Institute Engineering & Technology conducted a two-day NATIONAL-LEVEL WORKSHOP on ROBOTICS in collaboration with ARK Technosolutions, Mumbai and AIESEC-IIT Kharagpur on 21st and 22nd February 2013. 149 more words

Prof. Arvind Bisht talks about Survival

I always feel India is great country – we have a great history, great geography and we are the world’s largest democracy. We are not very good at making cars and machines, but we have always been proud of our values. 322 more words

Prof. Sapna Dua talks about the Importance of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

The economic development of a country means a process by which the per capital income of that country moves upward over a period of time. Like many other countries of the world, India is endowed with rich natural and human resources and these have to be used properly and managed by adopting modern technology for the growth and development of the economy. 877 more words

Prof. Sonika Kandari discusses where we stand today on IPv6 adoption path

“In today’s period of bandwidth revolution, our government has set deadline for different sectors to switch to IPv6 from IPv4 by 2017 in an attempt to adopt new technologies and infrastructure as one of important service and looking forward to designing network infrastructure for future technologies.” … 885 more words

Is it All a Male Conspiracy? by Prof. Abhay Pratap

Since the 1960s a number of pressure groups have tried to persuade us to buck our biological legacy. They claim that governments, religions and education systems have added up to nothing more than a plot by men to suppress women, colluding to keep good women down. 362 more words