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How to Choose a Headhunter - Part XIII - BIG BRAND vs Boutique....what's the difference?

Many companies choose their headhunter from the well-known brands. The “BIG BRANDS” feel safe and secure, and if a new appointee doesn’t work out they can raise the defence “I used “BIG BRAND” – they’re the best known in the market”. 1,140 more words

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How to Choose a Headhunter - Part XII - AND WHO NEEDS THEM?!?!

With the advent of social networking in general, and LinkedIn in particular, it’s so easy to find people these days, so is there a role for… 277 more words

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How to Choose a Headhunter - Part IV - How to be sure about Service Standards

Service standards can be difficult to define and measure. Salespeople will always tell you “we offer the best service”, but you need to be as sure as you can that you can check that claim, and better still, be confident of it before you engage a service supplier, rather than discover they come short when it’s too late to do anything about it. 449 more words

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How to Choose a Headhunter - Part III - Don't be Fooled by Sector Specialization

If you are considering appointing a headhunter to fill a key position, be careful…..be very, very, careful. Don’t just accept that they need industry knowledge to get the job done. 540 more words

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Why I enjoy Headhunting

The variety is huge. Every day includes a new experience and a new challenge. I have found I can operate in a broad span of sectors and that I wouldn’t want to work within narrow industries specializations as do most of my competitors – as long as the customer knows exactly what they want, I can use our proven process to get the job done, no matter what their business. 294 more words

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How to Choose a Headhunter - Part I - Good Questions

When I was a senior manager in the commercial world I must admit that I thought there was a mix of skill and art in headhunting. 707 more words

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