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Apple と Alibaba が連携し、中国版 Apple Maps をビッグ・データでドライブする!

Apple Maps service provider in China stores core businesses in Alibaba-owned cloud

Liu Jiayi – January 26, 2016




AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd, a Beijing-based mapping company which provides data to Apple Maps in mainland China, is reported to have put its core business system in the cloud owned by technology giant Alibaba. 256 more words


Love for any woman

Feelings of love; I may cherish those for a woman. But I also had such feelings for her. And those feelings didn’t pass out of themselves! 34 more words


Business Disruption の調査: すべての企業を破壊していく5つの圧力とは?

Business Disruption: Most Businesses Expect Dramatic Changes, But Few Businesses Feel Prepared

By Dick Weisinger – January 19th, 2016


Disruption is now the norm and is to be expected, say three-quarters of global senior executives… 273 more words


More proof

Have I wasted my years on missing her? Is the observation that God did not endorse my feelings like He did not endorse the rest of my life something I should have learned from? 37 more words


frankles free fridays

Sam “Feel Good Feels” Feldt has a radio show! Also known as a podcast. Also, I just made up that nickname. His music is always just so pleasant, not unlike pool water kept at an ideal and comfortable temperature, to the point where you can almost overlook the fact that you’re in water at all. 211 more words


christmas haul

These are pictures from a spontaneous photoshoot Evelyn and I did with the clothes I received for Christmas. I got a beautiful black skater skirt, a shirt, a pair of black trousers, a necklace and my absolute favorite, a dark grey woolen coat. 57 more words


You aren't there

I’ll see you
In the garden
Between the birds, singing
In the sunshine

I’ll procrastinate
Wandering about
For I am sure
I’ll soon be proud… 54 more words