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How to Incorporate Selection Tools Into Your Workflow in Adobe Photoshop

We’re covering the essentials in Digital Painting 101, a series dedicated to helping you improve your digital painting technique. In today’s quick tip, learn about Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop, and the many benefits of incorporating them into your workflow. 10 more words

SIG Notes for March, 2015

The March Photoshop SIG will cover a splattering of color theory and then show some examples of how you can use these in Photoshop (PS) or Photoshop Elements (PE). 1,501 more words

Using Adjustment Layers

Filter Elements

You can filter selected Elements or Elements visible in the current view. For example, if you need to check how many in‐place Elements visible in the current view, you can set Filter Family Type to In‐Place Family. 741 more words


Select All Elements

You can select all elements visible in current view which satisfy certain requirements. It’s convenient to check the elements in the current view and modify them. 225 more words


Select All Instances

Everyone knows that Select all Instances means all similar elements in the entire project or visible in the active view. It’s one of the popular commands that almost everyone uses it daily. 284 more words


Week One- Class Notes


First class of ACM202

Things i need to do to prepare for this class;

-read the unit guide/assignment briefs

-be punctual, organised, proffesional… 218 more words

Class Notes