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The best selection of shower mirrors

Just about all bathrooms possess a must-have item – an image. A mirror can be used not only use with everyday life, also for use in the inside of the restroom. 20 more words

Asperger’s and marriage / relationships ~ Part 2: The dating pool

An Aspie/autistic-neurotypical (i.e. Aspie-NT, or “mixed” marriage) can be challenging.  Hell, relationships themselves can be challenging in general, whether the people involved are on the spectrum or not.  1,260 more words

Long Live King Sam

The FA bashing can be suspended and the bashing of the new England manager can begin, if anyone dares! 385 more words


Job Accountabilities Can Be More Than A Performance Acceleration Tool

A single page job accountability document succinctly identifies job expectations and identifies success factors.  Leaders and their direct reports should be reviewing and updating this document at least quarterly. 107 more words


MERITOCRACY - Free, Fair and Peaceful Election

Democracy is the depreciated and outdated system, vote does not matter but who counts the vote. In short, what will be selection of INVINCIBLE is called free, fair and peaceful election. 75 more words

Insidias Diaboli - New Selection

The horror short-film Insidias Diaboli directed by Diego Esteban Alvarez, with original music composed by me, has been selected at the TMFF Festival.

You can vote for the trailer. 20 more words