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R.I.P it or Ship it Tag (Book EDITION pt. 2)

Once again we are back! Let’s do this continues version!

Round Seven:

Jenna Talbot (Hex Hall)  and Uriah Pedrad (Divergent)

Considering that Jenna is a lesbian and Uriah is not a girl, I don’t think this ship would work, but I can see them being friends. 244 more words

Daily Posts


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The most obvious step towards minimalism is cleaning up closets and throwing stuff out – so that’s what I’m starting my experiment with. 430 more words


Yay stuff

I am a winner.

So normally I do not write about books. Mainly because I feel like it would take to much time to rant about a character. 463 more words

Alphabet Soul

Choosing Meals - Tues. May 3, 2016

For this week, Pork Tteokbokki sounds great. Once again we have rice cakes which was a favorite a few months back. Brightened with fresh spring asparagus and earthy gochujang and black bean sauce, this will be a clear winner if it is as good as last time. 101 more words


Canis lupus familiarus: A ridiculous story of artificial selection

By Dr. Debbie Rook

“Natural Selection” is a complicated and intricate biological concept that often trips up the most educated and well-read among us. To get to that, we’re first going to start with something we all can relate to and understand- specifically, breeding or “artificial selection”. 848 more words

Overlooked and left behind?

The latest report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Social Mobility runs to over 100 pages and makes some worthy points. However, it seems to support the idea that education in itself can improve mobility and fairness in the labour market while at the same time saying little about what kind of 14-19 curriculum it feels young people should be entitled to. 1,436 more words



Shuffling, shifting

Moving ahead

Dancing fear

In the back of my head

Am I ready?

Will I be okay?

When I leave behind

My old ways… 77 more words