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The Selection (Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

Cover Lust: This series has hands-down the most drop-dead gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen. The tiara, the mirrors, the font, the DRESS! I would give up my whole bookshelf for that dress! 2,387 more words


Throwback Thursday: Cities - The Selection

Last week’s Flickr #TBT theme was #Cities! A big thank you to all who participated in our weekly challenge, shared their photos from all around the world and took a walk with us down memory lane! 14 more words


Catchy Colors: Gold - Die Auswahl

Jede Woche sammeln wir in der #CatchyColors-Gruppe Fotos zu einer bestimmten Farbe oder Farbkombination. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die vielen glanzvollen Fotos in Gold… 42 more words


Catchy Colors: The Gold Selection

The theme for last week’s Catchy Colors was Gold and we loved seeing your beautifully shimmering contributions in the Catchy Colors group!

Enjoy the selection of our favorites below and check out our… 24 more words


In Class Nov. 23: selective pressures

In class today, we will…

  • Listen to this news story about color and be prepared to answer these questions in class: (a) what selective pressure(s) are mentioned in the news story?
  • 41 more words
During Class

You got the weak they got themselves the strongest

Nature doesn’t force marriage most of the time. Females have several male partner among the ones she find attractive, female often gets bred by them all during a session and inside her womb have the ovule even select among all the spermatozoon, the one that fits the standards the most. 155 more words


Watch Jeff Bezos Lay Out His Grand Vision for Amazon's Future Dominance in This 1999 Video

Many smart people attribute Amazon’s success, in part, to the consistent vision that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had for the company even from the early years. 539 more words