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Selective Outrage

Earlier this week I read online that four Black teens kidnapped and tortured a white, mentally disabled man and broadcasted it on Facebook live. Initially, I was disgusted. 326 more words


Selective Outrage

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An argument has, amongst other things, a background on which it is based. And a response that it elicits. 926 more words


So many outrageous events and such a small time-span to tend to them: 7 Minutes Indignation Syndrome: SMIS

 The selective outrage of Lebanese

Lebenon is a tiny country with so many dailies and magazines (mostly funded by foreign countries) and a dozen TV channels. 748 more words


Open Letter to "Defenders" of Free Speech

Dear Defenders of Free Speech,

( Speech in question : “India Go Back”,  “Kashmir ki Azaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi.”, “Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi”, “Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah Inshallah ” ) 423 more words

Yet the world looks on in relative silence

A terror attack occurs and the world stops, world leaders gather, people change their Facebook profile. All of this and the world’s outrage is without question perfectly justified. 215 more words

Today's Issues

Political Tussle On Women Entry in Temples

While worrying ourselves over gender discrimination at the abode of gods, we have got into smart trap of degrading the culture, demeaning Hindu religion and getting into a non-issue of matter.   2,744 more words