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Yet the world looks on in relative silence

A terror attack occurs and the world stops, world leaders gather, people change their Facebook profile. All of this and the world’s outrage is without question perfectly justified. 215 more words

Today's Issues

Political Tussle On Women Entry in Temples

While worrying ourselves over gender discrimination at the abode of gods, we have got into smart trap of degrading the culture, demeaning Hindu religion and getting into a non-issue of matter.   2,677 more words


BBC Radio Appearance: Do Western tragedies receive uneven attention?

I also appeared on BBC World Service Radio on November 16th to discuss the global reaction to the Paris Attacks.

Listen here.


Intolerance or Hypocrisy? Or both?

What happened?

A leading Marathi newspaper group, Lokmat’s office was attacked in multiple places in Maharashtra. The copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper were also burnt at several places because of a cartoon published in Lokmat’s supplement Manthan which depicted text related to ISLAM and ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE- the most evil extremist organisation in the world).  678 more words

Selective Outrage

Pro Blacks Caught Slacking Again!


It never ceases to amaze me how the pro black, back to Africa male and female can always be caught in their hypocrisy. Blacks would have the rest of the world believe that they have a problem with the Confederate flag, however if this is so the case then how would you explain the above images eh black folks? 563 more words

My New Year

It’s been nearly two months since I updated this blog. After the events of the fall I honestly felt too burned out to write that much(I will elaborate more on that burnout in future posts). 570 more words


Hate the Artist, Not the Art

I am so angry at that artist I could gargle the rage-induced upchuck. Did you hear that the neutrally gendered artist said something I morally disagree with? 375 more words