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The Spirit of K-Tel Is Alive on Kickstarter

(Source: www.newyorker.com)

A few years back, I had lunch with Phil Kives, the legendary founder of the schlock-hawking company K-Tel, who passed away in late April, at age eighty-seven. 1,100 more words


Advance CSS Selectors - Part 2

This post is in continuation of my previous post on CSS Selectors where I discussed about three primary selectors : Element, Class and Id… 853 more words


Penggunaan selector :nth-child di css ?

Nah, kali ini saya akan kasih informasi mengenai selector :nth-child pada sebuah value css.

sebelum berjalan lebih jauh, :nth-child itu adalah sebuah properti yang disediakan oleh css yang dapat memudahkan kita dalam pemberian sebuah value suatu konten. 89 more words


Selector, su evolución en Swift

Antes de ver la evolución de los selectores en Swift, veamos qué es un selector en Objective-C.

Los selectores en Objective-C son del tipo SEL y es la manera mediante la cual podemos identificar/seleccionar un método y luego poder ejecutarlo en un objeto. 664 more words


On February 23, 1980.

On February 23, 1980, “2 Tone Records” released “Too Much Pressure”, the debut Selecter album. “Too Much Pressure” was recorded in 1979, at “Horizon Studios” in Coventry, and was produced by Errol Ross and The Selecter. 93 more words

disable/enable checkbox by checking "checked" using jquery css selector patterns



               var countChecked = $("input:checked").length;
               var checkedList = $("input:checked");


                $.each( checkedList , function(k,v){
                    var idCheck = v.id.replace("att","prb");


               if( countChecked == 8 ) {
                   // for checking either its checked or not. 70 more words

select an element with multiple classes using intersection in Jquery

selectors together without spaces in between.
<element class=”class1 class2″>

this will select the only the elements that have both classes.