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The difference CSS selector *= and ~=


I was considering what the difference between *= and ~= and what is the better situation for the each selector.

The below descriptions are both from… 61 more words


130w birthday mix

Birthday mix commemorating a few things mainly the creator of 130worlds birthday. Also today being the anniversary of Solmunki concept stores grand🎂

1.J mascis- Listen to me… 79 more words


Lobotomized Owl Selector

The Lobotomized Owl selector is one of the most powerful but underused selectors in CSS. It was introduced quite recently by Adjacent Pickering in June 2014. 216 more words

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Action blocks: empowered selectors (I)

Sometimes, when you are using a VIPER architecture, your view needs to accomplish some actions involving the presenter. The main problem is, that the view shouldn’t know anything about the presenter nor the… 511 more words


Advance CSS Selectors - Part 2

This post is in continuation of my previous post on CSS Selectors where I discussed about three primary selectors : Element, Class and Id… 853 more words


Penggunaan selector :nth-child di css ?

Nah, kali ini saya akan kasih informasi mengenai selector :nth-child pada sebuah value css.

sebelum berjalan lebih jauh, :nth-child itu adalah sebuah properti yang disediakan oleh css yang dapat memudahkan kita dalam pemberian sebuah value suatu konten. 89 more words