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Is selenium implicated in the badger/cattle/TB problem?

Following on from yesterday’s blog on organic farmer Dick Roper’s experiences of TB, badgers, selenium  and maize I have been investigating  the situation further. I have a friend Elliot Haines who is 5th year medical student at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter and we have been discussing  tuberculosis (TB). 560 more words

More on badgers, TB and maize

A few weeks ago I wrote about some research carried out by Exeter University which showed that areas which grew 10ha of maize on their land (as winter fodder for cattle) were 20% more likely to have TB outbreaks in their cattle herds – … 258 more words

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ServiceNow Selenium Tests - The Left Nav

In every other post I’ve done regarding Selenium testing in ServiceNow, my tests have all left the navigation pane (or Left Nav) out of the tests.   435 more words


Selenium Browser Automation - UI Tests

In this article, we are going to discuss on Web browser automation and how to leverage test cases so that a single test case can run on different type of browsers. 838 more words


Protractor Error for Gulp: Could not find chrome driver

While invoking protractor test from Gulp.js, I came across below issue:

My protratcor.config.js file for gulp looks like:

exports.config = {
    seleniumAddress: 'http://localhost:4444/wd/hub',
    capabilities: {
        'browserName': 'chrome'
    specs: ['./test1.js', './test2.js'],
    jasmineNodeOpts: {
        showColors: true, 
        defaultTimeoutInterval: 30000
}; 131 more words

Simple steps to learn Selenium grid or How can you use selenium grid and Jmeter CPU performance. 22 Steps to learn Selenium grid

Learn Selenium Grid

Simple steps to learn Selenium grid or How can you use

selenium grid and Jmeter CPU performance. 22 Steps to learn

Selenium grid… 1,104 more words

A Selenium multi-browser NUnit prototype generic tester.

In this short article I would like to present to you the source code of a simple prototype generic tester which is based on NUnit and Selenium frameworks. 459 more words