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Java script with "JavascriptExecutor" in selenium

Selenium is basically solve simple java script event problem.

But when we need to test application at Industry level, We require to write JQuery as well as Java script. 61 more words


Work with IE when protected mode is not the same

Most them facing issues while working with IE browser, Microsoft IE developers did security level different from one version to other.

in corporate environment, we don’t get permissions to enable/disable the protected mode for all zones.so to over come these kind of issue we have work around by taking the chance of browser capabilities. 85 more words


DesiredCapabilities for all browsers


Not all server implementations will support every WebDriver feature. Therefore, the client and server should use JSON objects with the properties listed below when describing which features a user… 2,314 more words


Firefox Webdriver Profile & Desired Capabilities Setting

What is Desired Capabilities ?

Basically, DesiredCapabilities help to set properties for the WebDriver. A typical usecase would be to set the path for the FirefoxDriver if your local installation doesn’t correspond to the default settings. 481 more words


Internet Explorer WebDriver and Desired capabilities

Internet Explorer Webdriver

Selenium webdriver provides cross browser support thus comes with driver package to run tests on Internet Explorer. Internet explorer webdriver is very complex to use and sometimes can be big pain area. 569 more words


JMeter SFTP Request

In my previous post, we have seen how to utilize an external groovy script to make some FTP Requests.

Now there is slight change in the requirement. 217 more words

Software Testing

To Use or Not To Use Selenium IDE

To use Selenium IDE, or not to use Selenium IDE that is the question. While I don’t use Selenium IDE to create test scripts or framework, I do use it to help me identify elements on a page especially when my expected methods aren’t working out so well. 398 more words