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How to Learn selenium, Basics to know for a self starter.

What is software testing?

Software testing refers to the process of checking the behaviour of an application under test that to meet the goal of user expectation or requirement in terms of many aspects. 375 more words

Automation Testing

Possible Link Between Selenium and Cribbing In Horses

by Kentucky Equine Research

Stereotypic behaviors such as weaving, cribbing, and stall-walking occur commonly in high-performance horses as well as many companion horses. In addition to being unsightly, potentially damaging to the barn, and raising welfare concerns, stereotypic behaviors also result in important health issues such as dental disorders,  443 more words

B and A Digi Tactical is hiring for Manual and Automation Testing!!!!

Location : Chennai Experience: 2 – 4 years’ experience in Automated Testing Requirements:
  • Experience in writing test cases, Good knowledge of Test Automation skills
  • Strong SQL skills in SQL Server, Good knowledge of performance testing…
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Unit Testing Emscripten Library in Browser Using CMake and Nightwatch.JS

In a previous blog post, I described how I took Emscripten-created JS and turned it into an UMD module.  One of the reasons I did this was because I wanted more control over the generated JavaScript and for it to be usable in more contexts, such as with the… 983 more words


Selenium IDE

Install Selenium IDE in Chrome Developer mode

  • Download the latest Selenium-IDE release from here.
  • Extract the zipped file
  • Now, open the Chrome browser and go to Chrome extensions…
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Ubuntu Setup Selenium

sudo apt-get install python-pip -y
sudo pip install –upgrade pip
sudo pip install selenium

Go to https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases to check for the latest release of geckodriver. At the time of this post v0.20.1 is the latest. 103 more words


Robot framework - phần 2: Cài đặt robot framework và chạy ví dụ đầu tiên trên pycharm

Với cách cài đặt này, người dùng sẽ phải một IDE của python, không còn là eclipse mà mình hay dùng. Tuy nhiên cài đặt chạy code bằng cách này mình thấy nhẹ nhàng hơn rất nhiều. 468 more words

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