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Selenium 3.0 Officially Out Now

Yes. This is one of the major and stable release in the recent times since 2.0 got released around 5 years back.

What’s new we can expect: For users who are using WebDriver API’s this is gonna be just a drop in effortless replacement. 245 more words

Software Testing

Pre-requisites for Selenium Lab set-up

If you are starting to explore Selenium tool, you are required to have the below tools handy and here you will find all the things in details, 90 more words


Cucumber Basics

1.Download all the below cucumber jars from maven repository<https://search.maven.org.&gt;

  1. cucumber-core
  2. cucumber-java
  3. cucumber-junit
  4. cucumber-jvm-deps
  5. cucumber-reporting
  6. gherkin
  7. junit
  8. mockito-all
  9. cobertura

2.Open Eclipse.Create a new java project and name it as cucumber.Right click on the created project and add all this jars to eclipse project along with the selenium jars downloaded from seleniumhq.org… 317 more words


Cucumber Eclipse Plugin Installation

Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

1) Launch the Eclipse and from Help menu, click on “Install New Software”.
2) Click on “Add” button. 16 more words


Selenium Smoothie: A Light Energy Boost or Recovery Drink

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the importance of selenium in the diet, but somehow I didn’t get around to posting this recipe to accompany it. 220 more words

Automate torrents download using selenium with python binding

Hello all, today I am going to demonstrate you a simple script which will automate a never ending task of downloading something from torrent website. This will be a lot of help specially when you have to download episodes of your favourite TV shows every week. 783 more words


Selenium error on geckodriver


I updated Ubuntu packages, which included Firefox and I updated Selenium using pip3 cause that also depends on the Firefox version. But running my existing Python scripts that use Selenium popped this error: 61 more words