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You are Eternity

Lie still.

Stare at the ceiling.


Notice the sounds pulsing

through the walls.

Feel the textures

enmeshed in a cobweb

of scenes, events

mini-multiverses of their own. 43 more words
The Self

Science of dissolution or death and how to overcome it?

While we humans ponder and worry over destruction or dissolution by death we fail seeing the truth.

A simple analogy of the Universe would be the human body. 234 more words


Start The Car And Take Me Home

The worrying thing about change, I find, is that it’s always the same. Unrelenting; unwavering; unsentimental. When you find the moment you are happy to see out your days with…this too shall pass. 572 more words


Stay home, Marghe

I love waking up on a Saturday and seeing cloudy skies and the chance of rain. I can literally ✨hear✨ the earth saying – it’s been a long week Marghe. 23 more words


Think of You

I’m a Tanita Tikarim song

Her dulcet sadness

Haunting me

And in my head I sing along

“I think of you”:

And as I breath – I think of you, 103 more words


The Crone and I

“All futures are tinted by the way in which you choose to view them.” Cat Hellisen ‘Mother, Crone, Maiden’

What image pops into your head when you hear the word…

422 more words
The Self


When I need an escape, where do i go?

It’s a good question. This is what I miss about living on campus. If I needed space, I had my place. 325 more words