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2015 "Bucket List" of sorts

I’m always claiming to look for life’s next big adventure, always saying that I’m not content to just sit back and watch life pass me by.  691 more words


Cheaters - Reprise

This post is pretty much a public service announcement for married men. I’ve mentioned before that I’m the other man. Why? Because I don’t want to get emotionally involved with anyone, but at the same time I like sex. 822 more words


Unbutton your language 

I’m at the sidelines of a green field, with the rulebook folded in my hand. I stare at a Game I no longer recognize, with billions of unknown players and billions of fans cheering with vigor for some kind of anarchy. 1,959 more words


Strange Thoughts and Feelings

Something is up with me. I feel …. Vulnerable.

I have no idea why. So many crazy thoughts have been filling my head.

Strange dreams. 93 more words


What about me?

Sometimes in life we look around and we say ‘what about me?’

I am here to say you are not forgotten. As much as you may feel side lined, I can probably guarantee that someone else feels that way. 395 more words



This poem has been penned by Purva Passi from Gurgaon

Saw a little girl traveling down a road,
Struggling to find someone to call her own… 145 more words


I Don't Like This Joke The Universe is Playing On Me!

Does this only happen to me?

I decide to cool it with men and suddenly I have a plethora of d*ck to choose from.

I get my period 4 days early.   207 more words

Love Is In The Air : Affairs/Dating/Lovers