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Waking Up to Freedom of the Spirit

I was partially correct when I said “forgiveness” and “letting go” was how we liberate ourselves. Yes, forgiveness & letting go is how we cut the chain of imprisonment that was unserving & destructive to our higher selves but it does not guarantee us freedom unless we put our intentions into healing the bruises & wounds that left their marks after we let go & forgave. 339 more words


‘The Inner Game’ for Lawyers

Lawyers are a self-critical bunch – too self-critical sometimes!

I consistently hear lawyers saying ‘I’m no good at selling’ or something similar. This is where the world of ‘the inner game’ and tennis coaching comes in! 1,156 more words

Business Development And Selling

The truth behind a film

Behind this happy photo were a lot of tears shed; misunderstandings; doubts; disappointments; trust issues; and unmatched A++ priorities..  302 more words


She taught me not to "show off" in social media

Author’s note: It’s 1am and can’t sleep. My period is killing me for real.

*this is more like a rant post so beware. 689 more words


My Journey To Marriage 

For the past year, all I have wanted was him; the man who is now my husband. Unfortunately, however, when we met, our situations were extremely against us. 1,564 more words

Above The Planet on a Wing and a Prayer

For as long as I can remember (which is a much better way of saying, ‘for the last couple of weeks’) I have always believed that you shouldn’t run away from anything. 713 more words


TSM100 : The Illusion of a Singular Physical Self & the Microbiomes Within

As someone who has always been obsessed with microbial life, I have been fascinated with how microbes play a role in every single ecosystem – including within our bodies. 182 more words