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Intellectual, maybe not

I grew up in a family of “intellectuals” and in a society which prized the intellect and intellectual pursuits.

By “intellectuals” I do not mean a class of people by their profession, I guess academics come to mind, but rather of their behaviour – the constant asking ‘why’, the emphasis on logic or rational discourse, and as the Merriam-Webster dictionary says, “given to study, reflection, and speculation”. 485 more words

Living Life

Life update. 

It has taken me a while to decide what to write as my first proper post in a year. A lot happens in a year so I have decided to share my 2016 with you in the form of a life update. 1,415 more words


It is not what it seems… maybe

I wrote an email, somewhat scathing in tone, a few days ago. Entirely justified at the time, I thought. I felt I was being unduly taken advantage of, that the prospective recipient of the email was intentionally obstructive and perhaps malicious, at best unthinking and uncaring. 578 more words

Living Life

The Discomfort of Grief

For weeks, I’ve tried to find the words to describe how I am.

“How are you?” someone will ask; a question so simple, and yet, so loaded at the same time. 1,280 more words


Have you forgotten...? You are eternal.

Do you feel this?

Wise words by Daniel Littlewood

~ FlorenceT

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The Self

Loud Mouth

In response to the thirty million people whole lost their healthcare overnight and to the fifty-five million women who will no longer be able to afford birth control. 372 more words


01.10.17 | lollipops lost

Post 1,471: 10/365

I came across a mysterious pile of lollipops on the edge of the street this morning when I dropped my daughter off at school.


Man Made