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Averagely happy 

I’m at a crossroads. I feel I have manufactured my life to confirm with an ideal – to win, the be the best.

So, what would happen if I didn’t try to be the best and admitted I don’t actually know what I want? 94 more words


#Haiku Challenge 73 @RonovanWrites

RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 73 with prompt word – Black, White

Music light and dark
Fingers dance on piano keys
Soothing, it is not.

– FlorenceT… 14 more words


Coming Home

I came back on Nov. 20th to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday. In the process, I surprised the rest of my family here (except for my brother who helped us organize the occasion), visited friends and family, and fell in love all over again with Toronto. 775 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge

Photo post by @facetioussoup.

Source: 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve had so many writing thoughts in my head but have only been able to use my IPod since I’ve been on the run so much lately! 30 more words



When your mind starts the chaos, try and calm yourself because whatever sense of urgency you’re feeling isn’t urgent.


Pour moi

I am learning how to excel. That is, how to truly – and not superficially excel.

The difference is that the superficial comes from a pre-occupation of the scale. 428 more words



Andai aku seperti mereka. Punya keluarga dan cinta.
Andai aku seperti mereka. Bisa tersenyum lepas dan hadiah pelukan.
Andai aku seperti mereka. Punya orang tua dan kasih sayang. 91 more words