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thanksgiving 2012.

Sometimes, I wish certain memories weren’t attached to certain days…especially holidays. I hate to keep bringing up the past, but this is what happens every single year around this time. 495 more words


Your Values Are Not YOU

Your values are not YOU.

It is a very hard truth to absorb.

When an ideal, a belief, a value, something we hold very dear is rejected by someone, it can feel as though we ourselves are being rejected. 919 more words



I have become lost

Lost in this void of nothing

Where time bendsĀ and

Directions tick

There is nothing

Only the constant rage of the storms… 64 more words

I Have Been Inspired

I have been inspired and therefore, I want to live as an inspiration to others.

I don’t want to fear life’s challenges, I want them to build me up and make me stronger. 259 more words


Be Yourself

Be Yourself and No One Elses Expectation of You !

Think of this as perhaps a follow on from the last post.

Teacher Talks: Bad Political Post that I'll Regret Later

I finally am the teacher who has students that say the darnedest thing.. But this one is rather sad. 187 more words


jealousy is an ugly trait.

An old friend recently shared a huge accomplishment on social media, and naturally, my first feeling was jealousy. But then I had to stop myself. Jealousy is truly a wasted emotion. 421 more words