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“No" is a Complete Sentence.

Written by Deborah Sogeola

“No”, a word with only one syllable and yet so much power.

Many of us hear No every day. We know the word, we are familiar with it but we don’t know how to say it, then feel bad when we do. 930 more words



A fettered self beholden to
The whims of others folk
Will render fulfilment debunked
Empty and rather broke

For living for extrinsic might
To be ‘in’ at all cost… 83 more words


Being Nervous, Explained by The Nerve of It

We have something to say and it is not always good. Yet, we couldn’t because we are nervous.

Well…I do have something to say. I have often felt nervous in numerous situations. 728 more words



Animals are not here for our entertainment or to be our slaves. Animals of all kinds should be able to live a life free of confinement. 70 more words


Earth Day

Earth breathes don’t pollute her. Earth grows don’t cut her down. Earth feels be kind to her. Earth is giving don’t take from her. Earth is fragile take care of her. 148 more words


I am not easy to love

Author: Alex Myles

I know that I am a lot for some. I’m a restless force of unusual love and my beating heart rips through my veins. 851 more words


Here’s to the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts

Here’s to the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts – Morgan Hunt

We don’t feel apprehensive without makeup
We let our skin breathe
In fact, we would rather be naked… 310 more words