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Personalities 🌸 Myers-Brigg 16 Personalities 🌸 Part 1

Everyone is different and the way we react and interact with our environment vary. Our differences are determined by our personalities. We each have our own personality which allow us to identify ourselves from another person. 1,111 more words


A Song of The Self

One’s Self I sing, a simple separate person,

Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse

—Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

A hard truth about the Bible: it does not allow for being a “simple separate person” nor does it allow for “the word Democratic, the word En-masse.”

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ROXY HARRISON is back with her Erotica Blog “Roxy After Dark”. This blog has some of the most salacious sex stories you will read! The content of her pieces are for adults only. 55 more words

Miss MJ Xoxo

Things He Said

There once was a girl, who once loved a man.

She gave and she gave, with very little given back.

She saw through glasses made of roses, 147 more words



“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again…”

“The Sound of Silence”, Simon & Garfunkel

I had originally written almost 3,000 words for this last post but as I was rereading it I realized that all these words went against the central premise; that of silence.

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I don’t do well with anxiety.

My biggest worry is that once it starts, it’s really, really hard to stop.

My feelings for Bobby and the situation I am in with him is one aspect of stress.   629 more words


She Waits

Imagine living in a box,

wanting to so desperately to break free.

Imagine waiting so patiently,

for something founded on fantasy.

If only she could destroy reality, 42 more words