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Today's Lists

All the shit things that happened today:

  • Telstra shut down
  • I cried over an Evermore song
  • My AUX cable in my car stopped working
  • Someone called me ugly and a slut on my Instagram…
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Creating a Self

The act of persisting as a self is the same act as creating a self.  -Peter Ralston, The Book of Not Knowing

When you think of your “self” what is it that you are thinking of?

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While looking through my old drawings, I came across something that made me remember an experience that happened a long time ago.

My cousin and I were really close, we’re practically inseparable. 510 more words


I Think I Felt A Butterfly (or 3)

My date nights were shaping up.

I connected with a man from Chicago and another from Boston.  Both spent time, equally, in their home cities as well as mine.   1,252 more words


Return to the Dating Game

If I was dipping my toe in the water the last month or so, I’ve taken a dive in lately.  January brings fresh recruits to the dating game and a renewed interest for all that are playing. 835 more words


...But I Was at Work

I wrote a song earlier today. This is not something unusual for me, but this particular song was unusually good. As the lyrics came smoothly and confidently into my head, bobbing in with the pleasing melody that fit perfectly with every syllable, I felt giddy, even proud, more so than I have in a long while. 386 more words


It’s the first week in a long time that I feel like the week is over – when days just run into one another week after week, you don’t have the same sense of time.   737 more words

The Cowboy