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poem- ache

This sight

makes my eyes ache.

My sighs

make my I’s ache




19 February 2015

It reaches far beyond intolerance, to something that I’m not even quite sure how to describe. I don’t know if it’s the state of complete and utter self absorption of which the majority of people exist, or that because of it, they aren’t able to see beyond themselves to do anything to help themselves. 277 more words


Get Me Out of the Disco Tent!!

i wake up. i don’t feel good. i put myself and my life at the centre of my attention and i view it in a negative light. 398 more words


Have you ever spared a thought  about the  chance that the perfect man is to be found around the world? Someone charming, shamelessly handsome, incredibly talented, outrageously determined? 248 more words


Reinventing suffering

The world in duality is not typically understood as the interplay of perceived opposite but complementary forces to maintain a harmonious balance. We have been taught to select one of the forces and reject the other. 513 more words


Where Does Narcissism Come From? Part II

From what I experienced with my ex-husband, narcissism, and by that I mean the extreme narcissism that produces narcissistic personality disorder, is a result of a combination of personality and environmental factors. 933 more words

Narcissism - One Woman's True Story Of Marriage To A Narcissist

Your toddler doesn't care if you're on your period, and here's why you shouldn't either.

Of all the character traits that don’t serve me well as a parent, my reluctance to take myself less seriously is probably the worst.

I had had a pretty crappy day. 824 more words