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The Gospel According to ME

pick it up
pack it up
clean it up
and move on

do it right
don’t waste time
finish up
and move on

set high goals… 125 more words


Disconnecting - Not Just for Kids

Do people realise how much their smart phone and other technology has intruded into every part of how they live their lives? Are people acknowledging that for many this has become essentially an addiction, or at least a dependency. 723 more words


The Artifice of Ego

To know oneself, one would think that we must know what our ego tells us.  This internal opinion about who we are as a person is a central assumption about the idealization and realization of a self we help create.  4,637 more words

Human Nature

We were five...but sadly, no more; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Like minds,
Troubled souls,
Feigning laughter…

Sun drenched,
Supposedly fun filled times;
A mask.

The one,
Lost to self slaughter. 33 more words


andrea 2.0

welcome, dear reader.

thank you for finding me and allowing me to share my thoughts with you. since we last spoke, so many things have changed; but the fundamental need to express myself creatively has remained painfully the same. 215 more words

Is It Wisdom, or Is It Perspective?

“They just don’t get it.” Two of my co-workers were commiserating about their teenagers again.

“Right,” the other one replied. “They just don’t get how it makes other people feel. 432 more words