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No Stroll Through The Garden

When Adam and Eve walked with God
life wasn’t good, it was great;
but when they bit the apple
their peace and joy did quickly abate. 55 more words


call me.

late night,
phone call-

no wording-

sitting, legs crossed 
listening, thumbs


sounds emitting-
floating spit,


no sound advice,
keen insight

just breathing… 8 more words

Hands In The Garden

Poem of the Week: Zombie Apocalypse Now

Zombie Apocalypse Now
January 4, 2018

Zombies strolling
Zombies stomping
Stomping on the lawn
Stomping along the streets
Streets of ruin
Streets of the damned… 216 more words


He Won Games... BT Article, January 7, 2018

The coach grabbed the young man by the collar of his jersey and lifted him up off the floor pushing him hard into the wall of lockers.  849 more words


Morning Thought: Self-absorption causes you to spiral downward. You become like a tub of water when the plug is pulled. Like a whirlpool, your life drains out of you. 77 more words

Morning Thought


SHALLOW WATERS (going swimming Ninang?)

I think too much. My husband always tells me that. I think it’s mostly a girl problem, though there are some exceptions. 556 more words


Loneliness Is A State of Mind, Not a Lifestyle 

Is loneliness a universal problem or one closer to home? How big a part does “fear” play in our feelings of loneliness? Is “shame” the primary driving force behind our loneliness or is it self-absorption or one of the many other self hyphenated words? 1,054 more words