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Cultivating Care

We’ve all known happy souls. We’ve known the stoic, angry, and thoughtful. Others that had particular aspects of their character and makeup that lent much towards defining them. 298 more words


Meet Me

Hello. It’s nice to meet you. By way of introduction, I’m…Me. I always hesitate to say my name because it’s kind of weird. But my parents gave it to me probably without thinking of the ramifications. 987 more words

Living Christianically

Know Thyself

I had a doctor appointment earlier this week. After he asked me how I was doing and I had a minor meltdown the doctor asked me very seriously, “You aren’t thinking of harming yourself, are you?” I was kind of annoyed that he would even ask me that. 105 more words


Enjoy the ride to your Destination

As I observe myself and my reaction to the changes I am aware of the triggers that can start the slippery slope to a binge or pity party in which I decide that this is too much work.  388 more words

Weight Loss

B is for Bemused

Bemused… not to be confused with amused. I must admit, I used to think they meant the same thing but they don’t.

Bemused is what I am much of the time. 333 more words


A Challenge to Thankfullness

A few days I wrote a post about Disappointments and Change.  In that post, I spoke about substituting my disappointment for thankfulness about the different things in my life.   203 more words

Weight Loss

Like a dice, I have many faces/names

I am and have been many things in my life, coddled child, spoilt child/ teenager…adult, a surly teenager, grunge fan, a student, lover, a caregiver. Did I mention dog owner, that’s a constant though so that doesn’t count. 304 more words