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The Blues - a haiku

Blotches of blue stain,

self absorbed thoughts, ball and chain,


Ode to the Umbrella

Southern Californians are so self-absorbed!”

Hmm…I hadn’t noticed, I worried. At the Chopra Center, Southern California felt like paradise. And, isn’t it justifiable to be self-absorbed in an introspective, meditative sense?

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Cure for Self-Absorption

A sudden downpour, and for reasons I don’t really know, I remember days I spent at the convent (when I tried to become a nun.) 247 more words



You are bound tightly by mirrors

Gazing at yourself through refracted light

Every flaw magnified infinitely

Every hurt reflected back




you into fragile glass: you… 39 more words


Rambling around in my thoughts...

On the bottom half of this journey called living, I find myself revisiting my past. Lately in my dreams as well as when I’m awake. 102 more words

What the Balance of your TnR Account?

Did you know you have a Trust and Respect account?  I didn’t until this last week when a discussion with HR and an employee brought it into my mind. 366 more words

Valued Causes

Cultivating Care

We’ve all known happy souls. We’ve known the stoic, angry, and thoughtful. Others that had particular aspects of their character and makeup that lent much towards defining them. 298 more words