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When I first started this blog project, I knew that I wanted my content to focus on female empowerment and the dismantlement of beauty standards. Sort of like an anti-”beauty” beauty blog. 479 more words


Not Afraid of Who I Used to Be

I did a meditation exercise recently that asked me to contemplate my values, the things that I hold dear.  A few short years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to articulate them as well as I can now.   377 more words



“Dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

When we’re growing up, most of us were taught to have goals and to dream big. 481 more words

Human Nature

Acknowledging You Aren't to Blame

A couple days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a tightness in my chest. It’s the same type of tightness you get right before you’re going to cry, except the tears are replaced with thoughts. 588 more words

Social Anxiety

21 October Journal

ITs Saturday Folks yay!!! As I sit out on my porch and type this with a cup of coffee. The cool air, not cold, I am in a robe and jammies enjoying the wonderful view of the sunrise. 454 more words

Journal Entry

“I will not show my face, for there is nothing upon it that will help you understand the words I love with all of my heart.”

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Notes To Myself

The Easy Way

A dear friend of mine was asked how she went from a size 18 to an 8. In her ability to be completely honest, she told this person that she had Gastric Bypass surgery. 1,093 more words

Food Addiction