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Hysterical Literature

I spend a lot of time on the internet.  Googling unfamiliar topics and terms. Often I click on links from articles I am reading. One such article lead me to this… 212 more words


What Transformation Photos Aren't Saying.

Transformation photos don’t tell an ounce of the whole story.

The photo on the left is me at age 17, at my heaviest weight, on the right is me 7 years later and 70 lbs lighter. 265 more words

Life Coaching

Just as I AM...

Comparing yourself robs others of YOU.

If we were all the same life would be like being locked up in a white room. Now that could make a person batshit crazy. 108 more words


Dear Mixed Girls: Confession of Self Accptance

The title reads Dear Mixed Girls, but this is going to be more of a story of my journey into self-acceptance of who I truly am despite the check box society places me in. 896 more words

Health & Beauty

Belonging, authenticity and self acceptance

Wow I found this when I was looking for quotes and images to put on my post on self acceptance.  I find Brene Brown has some incredible insights into acceptance, authenticity and shame but this one hit me to the core.  116 more words

Acceptance : healing from the inside

The single most healing attitude we can hold towards ourselves is one of acceptance.  Even if there are parts of ourselves that we don’t like or that we struggle with, is there some way we can learn to love and accept these parts of us and understand where they come from and perhaps even learn to look deeper into where self critical views came from? 1,218 more words

Emotional Recovery

A Struggle With Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Casey's Story

Author: Casey L.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. While this little-known mental illness may sound like a minor problem for someone also dealing with depression and anxiety (a different story for a different day), that was unfortunately not the case for me. 527 more words

Eating Disorders