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Being a Mental Health Advocate Doesn't Mean You Never Struggle

I’m proud to call myself a mental health advocate. I speak out often about the possibilities that hard work and good faith in your treatment team can bring. 148 more words

FreedomQuote: Proclamation

I am only one. I am important and I will put myself as a priority. This is my anthem in case I forget to put my health and happiness first.

Keep Moving: Motivation And Inspiration

Why apologize for being authentically you?

As I’ve got a fresh new piercing and on the brink of completing my half sleeve, I recalled a comment made to me along the lines of women in their thirties having a late 1/4 life crisis scenario and rebelling against, well whatever it is they feel they need to rebel against.   322 more words


Who Am I? Mantra

Who Am I? Mantra


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on!

Colleen Burns

EMAIL: colleenburns@yourlifemattersantibullyingfoundation.com… 34 more words

Blog Post

"[Mental Illness] is so common, it could be anyone. The trouble is, nobody wants to talk about it. And that makes everything worse." (Ruby Wax)

Long update (because…I mean, really, am I ever NOT loquacious?). One of the reasons I write openly is because for so many years, I pretended to be perfect. 1,276 more words

Mental Health

The Shell Game

There’s only one good reason for a new shell…

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Nightmare of the past

I wake up, my silk shirt is twisted around my midsection and soaked in sweat. I’m sitting upright in bed, my right hand clasped over my mouth in an instinctive reaction to stop the screams from echoing through the house. 725 more words