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This body acceptance stuff really works!

I was surrounded by 360 degree mirrors. As you might imagine, this can be a difficult situation for a person working through body image issues… 210 more words


Weekly Motivation : Your Vibe🎇

Welcome back and thank you once again for stopping by…

Many of us believe that our thoughts create our reality which I too believe, but I also believe that we need to make those thoughts become our vibration, and for me the way to do this or practice it is to first speak the words, then in time it will become a thought and before you even realize it you have altered your vibration. 64 more words


10 Simple Habits Proven to Make You Happier

A new survey of 5,000 people has found a strong link between self-acceptance and happiness, despite the fact that it’s a habit not frequently practised. 407 more words


Why self-acceptance is important

Everyone has insecurities. I do too. I hate my skin. I hate the way I look. I hate my height. I hate that I lack of humour. 285 more words


I am the color of the earth

My skin bleeds coffee like murmurs, an undiluted scent, through the air

I am not tan. Tan sells my body as sun-changed. 450 more words

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Atlas and the World

I remember reading stories of greek mythology (call me a nerd, whatever :P) and reading the tale of Atlas and the world. During the great war between the titans and the gods, Atlas had betrayed the gods and sided with the titans. 306 more words