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and the academy award goes toooooo:

Anyone hiding.  Especially those with anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness they are struggling with.
one of the most common responses to my blog has been, “OH MY GOD.   727 more words

case of the mondays

I am sitting here, at 1:13 in the afternoon, unable to complete tasks due to being held hostage by an endless stream of thought. Sitting here, suffocated in the fear of letting the vulnerability bleed out from my fingertips and onto the keyboard.   446 more words


7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

According to the Mental Health Bulletin, nearly 5,000 black people in the UK, per 100,000 accessed mental health services in 2014-15. These figures are continuously rising as a recent BBC documentary by Keith Dube (shout out to a fellow Zimbo!), confirmed. 916 more words


Being Fully Human

I still fail to comprehend people that put so much effort in appearing good and keeping up a “reputation”?

While I never gave a damn of other thoughts’ and opinions’ of me- when I was young it troubled me that I was always misunderstood. 1,224 more words


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Do something good! 24 more words

Taking Ownership: Treating Those You Love Better

This is the second post in my “taking ownership” series and tonight I’m talking a bit about friendship. I can be a better friend admittedly, and I used to believe that my mental health and psychological issues were the reason I tend to be this way. 329 more words

Personal Thoughts

every little bit...

I still question if I am living my most authentic life. There are elements of my life that feel exhilarating; that feel fulfilling; that feel like I am doing the thing that I always knew I would be doing. 193 more words