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Changing relationships of mind and body

Body change…and relationships, from acceptance of old friends to grief for a relationship that wasn’t

Changes seem to be speeding up.

FTM problems ;-) Realising your expanding waist is very shortly going to rule out most of your trousers but that your rear hasn’t migrated enough to enable you to get into men’s trousers… or, frankly, over your hips. 892 more words


Yes, Please

Clearly, I am having second thoughts.  About everything.

I did not start deeply contemplating my life until I got myself completely wasted and made new friends at a bar. 593 more words


My Story - Section 2 - Understanding Gay - Part 1 of 2

Understanding ‘gay’

I really truly believe that coming to terms with who you are and more importantly accepting it, is the biggest hurdle anyone can overcome. 834 more words



Fresh from dance class complete with leotard & lacy pink tutu, my ballerina Valentine!

Present Day Writing

LYBM Day 6: Try

This song is so cliche and cheesy but I can’t help but love it anyway.  Happy Saturday!

February is a rough time for a lot of people.  273 more words



Sorry for so many posts this morning. I have a few pages I like to update regularly . I have swapped Lorazepam for Diazepam and I know it is not the best way to approach my ED but it has taking the anxiety away. 124 more words


Well, haven't I been slack?

It has been four days, off a year, since I last wrote an entry in my blog. All last year, I kept thinking, “Hmm I really should write up another entry, soon, before it becomes too long, between posts, and people forget who I am … not that that’s why I started this blog, but gosh, it is nice to have subscribers who enjoy reading my stuff …”. 331 more words