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Time To Embrace Your Geekly Bookwormish Not-Normal Self

You just want to be normal.

But do you really?

Sure, you have trouble in relationships. Your intensity is misinterpreted as arrogance or criticism or drama. 275 more words

week 21|2017

  1. They don’t seek attention.
  2. They’re not concerned with being liked.
  3. They can tell when others are full of shit.
  4. They are comfortable in their own skin.
  5. 136 more words

Missing Someone who Never Existed

Sometimes, we miss versions of certain people. In all reality, that version of that person was just a mask. But there comes a time when you do miss certain things about certain people. 522 more words

Self Love

How to practice "Acceptance" and understand the spiritual meaning of "Surrender"

“Surrender”- A greatly misunderstood term. For most it is a sign of Weakness, Despair and Hopelessness. In the spiritual sense and truly in the sense of our conscious existence, “Surrender” means the opposite of all the above that we mentioned. 1,166 more words

Carbs, lovely carbs....


yummy, sugary, doughy, gluten-filled carbs.

why oh why do they have to taste so darn good?

and why does my body have to crave them SO BADLY??? 620 more words


Yah I'm Vegan... And I don't drive a hybrid!

Or an electric car.  Or the transit.  Or a me powered bike.  So many misconceptions when people find out that I’m vegan.  As if there is only one way for me to be vegan?!?!?   362 more words

Personal Growth

It's Monday - on disappearing to find yourself

It’s Monday! Time to talk about privilege.

Today I want to share a Longform article by Alex DiFrancesco called How to Disappear. They write about their experience with disappearing in the midst of a mental break. 191 more words

Weekly: Check Your Privilege