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When Body Positivity Equates Body Shaming

   The other day I was watching an inspirational video on body positivity that someone shared on Facebook.  Of course, a bigger woman made the video.  Those videos are almost always made by someone double my size.   1,967 more words

Body Positivity

It's been one of those days since...

It’s been one of those days since,
the stars started shining,
It’s been one of those days since,
the moon cried for it’s glow,
It’s been one of those days since, 111 more words

On being influenced and inspired by other artists

If you define yourself by what other people think of you and their opinions, you can come undone. You can give up your whole passion or dream – just one person’s opinion. 802 more words

Amani Alshaali

WHAT IF vs SO WHAT and DIY Burleskiwi

Recently I entered my first burlesque competition *insert dramatic shocked pause”.  I would never have dreamt that I would be doing such a thing.  Seriously I hate competition and other than raffles which is more luck than competition, I have avoided anything competitive since I stopped swimming in the late 80s. 2,141 more words

Maehem In Da World

The Heart is the Place of True Connection

How did I survive the onslaught of insults from my childhood?  My bedroom became my tortoise shell, where I pulled in my head, arms and legs when my authentic self met with disapproval.  267 more words


The INFJ - Characteristic Series part 4

The fourth installment in the INFJ characteristic series. I have tried to keep to the simplified format of the series however this is the one that really and truly hits home for me so I’m going to go into some necessary detail. 393 more words


It's Time for A New Standard of Beauty, and That's No Standard at All

“…a society that tells women that their beauty matters most, and at the same time defines a standard of beauty that is perpetually out of our reach”

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