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Being myself once was easier…but as you experience relationships life it breaks you… people break you.

If there is no one around you where you can be yourself, you likely will not be yourself around anyone. 543 more words


A girl named Beth

In today’s post, I’d like to share a story with you. It’s a true story, about a real person. (Although her name has been changed). More importantly, it’s a story most of us can likely relate to and learn from. 728 more words


5 amazing self-acceptance quotes

Hey, creative superstar!

For today’s post, I would like to share 5 amazing self acceptance quotes with you.
First, grab a piece of paper, and some color pencils. 76 more words


Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are moody objects, and they have unpredictable personalities.
One can understand why: the see so much, and show us the memories we’d rather forget. 806 more words

Am I Gay?

Yesterday, I was exchanging emails with a friend.  We were having a conversation about relationships and the expression, “You’re gay” (Not the exact words used, but the point is there) came up.  623 more words


Introvert? No you have to be an extrovert! 

All I was thinking the last couple of days is: what the hell am I doing wrong? Why is everything going the wrong way? What’s wrong with my personality that needs to be changed? 794 more words

The year of me

Most people asked me this year, “Nina, why don’t you write anymore?” My general answer has been: “because I am not inspired”. But if I’m being truthful, I simply no longer felt the need to write or expose my thoughts, and that a temporary feeling. 768 more words

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